Friday, November 21, 2008


I've concluded: i'm going to wear braces until i'm 70!!!!

My orthodontist gets on my last nerve.. I was supposed to have braces on for 6 months but now its been over a year... wtf.

Soo today I went to the ortho and they had this new assistant working on my mouth, she had no idea what she was doing and it was making me madd lol. She was poppin rubberbands all in my mouth and then she's like "ohh can you get that, it got lost in there somewhere". I'm like ........., good thing i'm a nice person lol.

Then my ortho looks at my teeth and he's like mhmmmm, mhmmmmm, excellent! and i'm thinkin these things are finally coming off, and then he's like BUT, i just dont like this oneee tooth right here in the back. I went from excited to saddd. He crushed my hopess lol.

So i'll be back in 4 weeks and then be evaulted for deband. LIKE THE LAST 5 TIMES. = /

The end.


Allexandriia said...

I miss your teeth. =D the braces were just supposed to be temporary! Stay nice and eventually they will come off for sure. ESPICALLY BEFORE WE GO OFF TO PROM!!!! =D

Creativity93_LA said...

ur teeth are lik hella straight now yo lol...ur braces are gonna be on forever