Tuesday, September 29, 2009


because of this recession... i havent been able to get my nails done in a while. so painting my nails every week has become apart of my routine. buttttt. you all gotta check these custom nails... very interestin. i've never been a fan of those loud ghetto bopper nails but i actually like the 1s with the bows.

tila tequila (ugh...) recently got her nails custom designed too.. wat do u think lol?

I'm going on a trip!!

before i get to tht...I won head of prom committee! yayy. even though no 1 ran against me haha... actually no 1 ran against any1 because ppl didnt hav their stuff turned in so they got kicked out the election... so the president, vice pres and head of prom comittee won by default! lol but no1 tried to run against me from the beginnin..mayb they were intimidated lmao.

sooo i have big plans for this weekend... guess what it is!!!


lol...nvm cuz u guys def wont b able to guess because its so out of my character.

i'm going CAMPING!!! omg lol

this outside of school program i'm in called BAHA(black and hispanic achievers) is taking us camping in wisconsin for the kick off. hopefully its a lot of funnnn! but if theres no where for me to plug my flat iron its gonna b a prob! lol im gonna b stuck in the woods for a whole weekend. boo hoo =( i'm mad though because i broke my camera in target 1 night (dont ask) so im gonna hav to take pics on my phone ughhh. wish me luck!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


HAVE YOU ALL FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME?!!! I FEEL NEGLECTED! no comments, no love. smh. =(

Monday, September 21, 2009


omg so i've been really busy lately. with school and volleyball...family issues lol. and now i hav to get ready for elections at school because...

I'm running for the Head of Prom Commitee!

I really hope I win.. I've been waiting for prom since I was a freshman lol and I want it to b the best prom ever. I'm good at planning and i'm really into fashion, style and decorating and all tht so I should b good for the position! =) but the only downfall is... what if I win and im the head of prom and all tht good stuff and I CANT FIND A DATE FOR PROM?? tht would b very very tragic. =( See a while ago I knew who my prom date was and I was set.. but now im screwed cuz i got screwed over haha.. but thts alright...lol

It seems kinda early but these elections really have me thinking about prom. Plus you really need to start thinking about prom in like December or January. Soo in a couple months im gonna have to start looking for dresses.. wat color do you all think I should wear?? Short or long dress? Straight or poofy dress? Decisions...Decisions.

Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAS 2009*

Sooo the VMAs last night was most def crazayyy but i loveddd it! thts MTV for ya. The performances were nice and the MJ tribute was ahhmazing. My only question is DO THE VMAs NOT HAVE STAGE SECURITY?? Can anyone just walk up there if they feel like it? I think i'll go nxt year and stage crash since its the new hottest thing to do! Here's my take on the whole shabanggg.

Blame it on the ah ah ah ah ahcohol. lmaoo Kanye had to b reallyy drunk off tht henny to have pulled some stuff like this.... wait actually Kanye has always been arrogant and rude so it prolly had nothing to do with it! lmao.. i had to post a fb stat about it last night:
Paige Mariah "beyonce's single ladies video had 2 girls and a tranny dancing around in plain black leotards with no type of background or special effects.. in black and white for 3 mins.. best video of all time kanye??! i love B, but i coulda made tht vid in my basement."
anyone agree?

Lil mama... smh. what would make you even think for a second tht this would b okay?

Favorite outfit of the night:

Yayy i love Whitney. Her fit was so simple yet so bomb. love itttt.

Favorite Performance of the night:

Lady Gaga is soooo coo coo but thts what makes her who she is. I respect her for being different. Plus Papparrazzi is my songgggg. go GAGA!

Last Notes(lol):

who knew tht Alicia Keys had such a cuteeeee brother?!! I wonder how old he is? lmao
Ugh i was mad Rihanna didnt show up the the VMAs but atleast she came to Jay's after party yayy!

there's so much more I could say about the awards but i think i'll leave it at tht. thanks for readinggg. leave comments! =)


Friday, September 11, 2009

Chris Brown=ANNOYING.

Chris Brown...ugh He made his little apology song, i liked it and I thought he was sincere. BUTTTT.. Lately he is just annoying me sooo much.

It all started when I watched his interview with Larry King.. he just made me mad lol. Like he just sounded dumb and like he didnt kno what he was saying.. he looked at his lawyer after like every question lol. He "accidentally" said he didnt remember what happened that night with Rihanna. I mean come onnnnn... then that same week I came across his official twitter. He shoulda just left that alonee!! I was on his page looking at his tweets and the first thing tht popped into my head was mannnn... this guy is one cocky, annoying, jerk! I know yall heard about him saying Wendy Williams looked like a man or sumthin like tht... i cnt wait to here her response i heard she's goingg hardd.

ugh shut up.

via @MechanicalDummy- LOVE SKINNY JEANS: not too skinny though. gotta let the kids breathe...lol old guys cant wear skinnies... u know why??? becuz they OLD
ohh good 1 Chris.

via @MechanicalDummy-is not cool to be a groupie and a hater. make ur mind up.lmao. it only makes u look 2yrs old
yeahh n you looked really grown up after you hit on my freaking idol.

those are just a few tht really made me shake my head at him... like celebrities get talked about everyday.. but do u really need to b on twitter constantly talking about the "haters" and commenting on everything said about u. Have some class. You ruined ur rep on ur own....you should b sitting at home acting like an angel and the most humble person in the world.

Monday, September 7, 2009


heyyy everyone! i'm going to start blogging more frequently soon i hopeee...lol mayb wen my life gets more interesting. haha but my horoscope says im going to me getting me a boo reallyyy soon *crosses fingers* lmao lmao. anyways.. i hope every1 is having a great labor day weekend. ive been out everyday so far and its been fun.. except for getting shot with a bb gun like 6 times yesterday..(dont ask lol) its been pretty good! it felt great not to have to wake up at 6:30 am today for school lol!

More posts coming soon tho... but in the meantime.. i cut my hair! Idk guess i was going for the old rihanna but not quite style haha.

and here is a vid me and my friends made on the way home from downtown on saturdayy. enjoyy lol we r pretty crazayy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


When you think about it life is a lot like a computer lol... You are just there minding your own business and out of no where all these viruses are coming at you all at once. There are a lot of people that remind me of viruses sometimes... their main purpose is to infect you.. hurt you.. SHUT YOU DOWN. Unless you have that good spyware you are defenseless lol. There are going to be people in your life that you think are your friends but eventually those true colors are going to show and you might find out they are actually a virus. Those type of people needed to be DELETED out of your life immediately before its too late. There are a few people I was really close too that did me really wrong and I didnt know how to handle it. I learned that unless I delete them, they are going to keep coming back and infecting my life and i'll never be able to move on. Ever had an ex that its been over with but you still seem to keep hearing that persons name and be in drama with them? DELETE. Have a friend that seems to always bring you down and whenever you're feeling good and confident they find some way to bring you down? DELETE. If you had a virus on your computer would you just let it keep infecting your computer until its so effed up it wont even turn on anymore or are you gonna get rid of tht virus?! Exactly! Beware of the viruses people and DELETE, DELETE, DELETE.