Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I love you.

I love everything about you.

The way you show up at my front door at random times, just because you missed me.
The way you make me laugh until I can barely breathe.
The way you hold my hand when we walk in public, just to show everyone i'm yours.
I love the way you always make it your priority to make sure i'm comfortable.
The way you never make me doubt your love for me.
The way you kiss me slowly, so that the moment seems to last forever.
The way you make promises and actually keep them.
I love the way you make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world.
The way you knew I was the one for you from day one, and didn't ever question that.
The way that you go shopping with me when I ask, even though you know I take forever.
The way you smell so good, that when you hug me, I don't want to let go.

I love the way you still make me nervous and give me butterflies, after all this time.
The way your eyes warm up my heart and your smile makes me weak.
The way you've got me drawing hearts in all my notebooks and singing silly love songs.
The way you tell me I look beautiful, even when I know I look a mess.
I love the way that you are respectful to your mother, because it means you will definitely respect me.
The way you make my heart skip a beat when your name pops up on my phone.
The way you actually have goals, and try your hardest in school even when you get discouraged.
The way you make me want this forever.

I love everything about you...
and I can't wait till I finally find you, Mr. Perfect.


Monday, April 27, 2009

I've realized that things..


- I don't understand why there is violence and people just can't talk their problems out.
- I don't understand why people make actions before they think of the consequences.
- I don't understand the true purpose of the ACT, can't they just accept us off of grades?
- I don't understand how someone can cut you off for no reason, and then out of the blue msg you asking an extremely random question.
- I don't understand why people know they are in the wrong and still treat you like you did something to them!
- I don't understand what was going on with Britney Spears a couple years ago.
- I don't understand why people always need to gratification of others to keep going.
- I don't understand what boys can't be honest with the way they feel.
- I don't understand why people cheat. Break up with the person if its not going well!
- I don't understand why Mariah Carey married Nick Cannon.
- I don't understand how people can lie so much that they seem to believe their own lies!
- I don't understand why I can't grow taller.
- I don't understand love.
- I don't understand how your own parents can not understand you.
- I don't understand the war in Iraq.
- I don't understand Pre Cal.
- I don't understand how everyone else is still into those "reality dating shows" that are obviously fake after like the 5th C list celebrity makes a show.
- I don't understand why my father comes in my room every night to say go to bed, when he knows I wont.
- I don't understand why people are so easily influenced.
- I don't understand how people can go outside sometimes looking the way they do.
- I don't understand people's obsession with drugs and alcohol, they are both gross to me.
- I don't understand why people bump you in the hallway without saying EXCUSE ME. dang!
- I don't understand why people have to update their statuses every 5 seconds saying stupiddd stuff so they can get the attention they crave.

- I don't understand how people can be so wishy washy.
- I don't understand why life can't be fair.
- I don't understand why I got my phone taken away.
- I don't understand why its so hard for people to UNDERSTAND ME.

Maybe some things are just not meant to be understood..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

traumatic expierence && prom.

omggg. okay so im laying on my bed on my laptop and i look across my room and a spider is crawling really high on my ceiling. so i knew i wouldnt b able to get it so i just said watever. then i look and its moving fast and like crawling along my ceiling. so im like fine. its not gonna come all the way over here to me i mean come on thts crazy. so i watch it a little and its still moving and stopping every now and then so then i look again and its gone. so i forget about it. but why just now did i feel something tickling me and THE MOTHERSUCKER WAS ON MY ARM. omg im like wtfff and i jump up and then it jumps on my laptop tryin to get away and im like oh no what do i doooo and its on my beddd and i couldnt find anything to get it withhh! so then i found this piece of plastic on my floor and just before it jumps off my bed i grab it and then run and flush it... omg. tht seriously freaked me out. i just had to share tht.

well since im on here todayy, well yesterday since its like 1:31 am.. i saw my sisters summer and camille off to prom! they looked reallyyy pretty. i'm happy I got to see them. it had me thinking about prom and how excited i am to b a senior nxt year and go on my own prom and graduate n stuff. i wonder who my prom date will be... and what i'll wear?? im exciteddd. ahhhhh!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Marcel wanted to write a blog with me lol...

Paige- Marcel sucks.
Marcel- Paige sucks more. Paige is the ultimate sucker.
Paige- I hate Marcel, he is just mean to me because I wont be his BFF.
Marcel- I use Paige just to get close to her friends.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to business.

Well here I am sitting in class again... back to the old routine. Spring break was nice, can't complainnn. Just wish it could have been longer.. = [
My mom has been getting on me lately about slacking too much and spending all my time on the computerr.. She's rightt thoughh, the computer always somehow distracts me from doing what i'm supposed to do like hw and studyingg. Soo i'm def gonna b taking a little break from being on it so much when i'm at homee. The school year is almost over and I owe it to myself to do better. But anywayssss..

Shopping has sooo been on my mind lately. I just have NO money and my mother reminds me that everyday... its depressing lol. Isnt this jacket just too cute??
Yeahhh I love it! But also yesterday I was reading on some website and these ppl were posting like their favorite Taylor Swift songs. I lovee all types of music so the like 2 songs I heard by her I really liked.. But yesterdayy I searched the songs ppl said they loved by her and they were good! Her music is really relatable to me at this moment. Soo here are some songs that I recommend you check out!


1. Our Song

2. Forever && Always

3. Hey Stephan

4. Breathe

5.White Horse

6. Love Story

7. I'd Lie

8. Picture to Burn

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perky Paige?

okay so in my last post I said yesterday I went to work with my mother.

So a couple minutes ago she told me had a conversation with one of the teachers she works with. It went like this:

Teacher Lady: Is your daughter quiet?
Mommy: Yes..
Teacher Lady: Oh oh, I thought so because it can come off unfriendly, but I just assumed she was quiet.
Mommy: Ohh yeah, she is a quiet girl. All her teachers say she needs to talk more. She has just always been quiet.

Hmmm.... okay. I don't take it THAT offensively because some people have told me they thought I would be a bitch when they first saw me. Still where does this lady come off saying some stuff like that?? I spoke to her and smiled just like I did all the other people. I dont know what it is but people always get the wrong impression of me when they first see me. I dont know if its cause I dont walk around with a fake smile stuck on my face or what? I don't knowww.. I just had to vent about that.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hectic day.

today was pretty dramaticcc.

1st i went to work with my mommy (who is a preschool teacher) which was funnn but hectic. Her kids are beyond wildd lmao.
-I cant tell you how many times I got asked where my son or daughter was and then I had to explain I'm only 16 and I dont have any kids.
-This 1 lil boyy kept sticking his middle finger up at this other little boy and then would look at me and laughh and i couldnt help but laugh too, it was funnyyy.
-Every1 was jumping on my lapp, hanging on me, not paying attention to my mom lol.
-Kids started crying because I didnt sit nxt to them at lunch, I felt baddd. = [
-One little girl asked me to come home with her haha and when I told her I couldnt she said pleasee i'll give you some candyy! haha too cute.
But they are sooo adorable, and it was funnn.

Then I got my ACT score today... yeah. thts all ima say about tht lol.

Noww... i'm trying to get my plans together for the weekend and its getting extra stupid and dramatic. Everything is falling apart and things are getting blown way out of proportion. I just wanna go downtown.. thats all. Now my brain hurts. Too much going on in one day.

- pg.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Celebs on the go! pt. 2

Heidi and Spencer are always DOING TO MUCH. Can they just
be a regular couple who doesnt always have to PDA and show off when they arent even cute?!

Evan Ross. Never been to fond of him. && smoking? eww.

Lady Gaga is cool, very different. I still wonder though.. will she ever go outside one day just looking normal??

I love RiRi and I see she loves her $3350 Gucci bag. I would be scared to walk around carrying that, I would just put it in a glass box in my room for decoration haha.

Celebs on the go! pt. 1

Lauren Conrad! I love how she keeps her personal life lowkeyy, and the decision to keep her new boyfriend off of The Hills was a smart move.

I love Vanessa Hudgens style. Its very simple and girly. && her and Zac Efron are soo cute together lol!

Amy Whinehouse... smh. she really needs to check into REHAB. seriously.

I love Brandy! She always looks classy and well put together. The haircut is cutee too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

don't get burned.

Its almost like burning yourself with an iron ( I really did yesterday lol). You're minding your own business, without any clue of what is about to happen. You think everything is looking up, because you found your favorite shirt in the cleans clothes basket. You're ironing, getting all the wrinkles out, thinking everything is going fine..

Then out of nowhere that mothersucker burns you and you're like wtf ouchhh! and then you look down at your arm.. and it stings real bad, but you dont realize how bad it is because you cnt see anything yet. Then a little while later, you look again... and you have this ugly scar. It doesnt hurt anymore, but you still think about it and look down occasionally, remembering what happened and how it hurt.

Now you're kinda cautious to iron again... because that scar finally healed.. n you dont want to risk getting burnt again and ur just a little tired of ironing anyways. n you donttt want another scar..because scars arent very cute.. and everytime you look down at it. you have to remember how it burnt you... but you can't walk around wrinkled from now on, tht just wont do. its a new day, and another shirt really needs to be ironed. So what do you do? Suck it up and iron that other shirt.. or walk around guard up and wrinkled??...

Forever 21= love.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today is April 3rd... and today is a very important day. No its not my 6 month anniversary anymore haha... but something that actually matters. Its the day before the biggest test of my life. THE ACT. Today is the day I'm going to cram my butt off and try to get as much more information into my head that is possible. I guess I feel kinda confident idk... I mean its some days that I really blew off studying and I feel bad. I still think that the ACT is just gonna test my actual thinking ability which studying wont even help. So I'm gonna say a prayer before the time starts and just go for it! I'm not really saying what score I'm hoping to get because I dont want to jinx anything. So yeahh... i'm gonna need to do some shopping after the test on saturday to calm my nerves. lmao.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Well today is finally April 1st but all the occurances in my life lately have been like one big April Fools joke. Like some things have happened and all I can do is shake my head, like "wtf is going on? This has got to be a joke!" I learned a while ago though, that I can't stress myself or get upset over things that I will never be able to understand. I mean... whats the point? Knowing that has been the reason I havent freaked out at all about these STRANGE && RANDOM things that have been happening. Some people don't even understand the things they do either, so I refuse to get mad at their actions.