Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

over it.

i'm so ready to graduateeee.
the ppl at my high school are still in an 8th grade mindset.
i'm so over it all.

sitting in the desks waiting for the stupid bell to ring.
asking permission to go pee.
paying 2 dollars to wear my own freaking clothes on dress down days.
dealing with the phony and petty little girls.
coming home to listen to my parents yell constantly about nothingggg.

lets get this spring break thing over with...
then lets get this prom thing over with...
then this graduation thing over with...
i'm ready to hop on that plane.. and land in Hampton, Virginia.

i need a fresh start.

ps. i'm sorry i've been such a bad blogger lately. =(

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my prom delimma.

sooo.. let me catch you all up a bit.

-I'm the head of the Prom Committee.
-Prom is in less than 2 months and Prom contracts are due April 14th.
-I don't have any idea on a prom dress, prom date, prom anything!

It's crazy because I have to talk about prom and think about prom all the time.. choosing colors, decorations, even the food... trying to ensure everyone else has a great prom.. BUT I havent even been able to make sure I have a nice timee my damn self. I've been trying not to stress about it too much.. but its getting sooo close. I can kinda sorta see my dress in my head.. but idk if i'm gonna b able to buy it.. or get it made. I have prom date options.. but its either boys tht are toooo into me and i'm not feeling it or you know the friends that wouldnt mind helping me out.. but ehhh.. I want prom to be special, with that special someone. I don't wanna settle.

I want my prom night to be perfect and memorable... hopefully its ends up memorable in a good way.

Wish me luck. =/