Thursday, July 30, 2009

Priscilla Renea

Music Review

Priscilla Renea! I am sooo proud of this girl, she started off on Youtube and is now signed to a record label! I've been a fan of her vidoes for a really long time and to see that she is finally reaching her dreams is just greattt. Her single Hello My Apple is on Itunes now and the music video of it is on youtube. Her new song called Dollhouse (which is my new obsession) has a video that should be coming out soon. Every1 should def check her out and you'll fall in love with her music too! =)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Would You Wanna Break Up?

Break ups.... as depressing as they are you'll prolly have to deal with a lot of them in your lifetime.. or if you're luckyy.. naw im pretty sure every1 will have to deal with atleast one lol.
I'm just wondering what it takes to keep a relationship going anymoree? I mean its like 1 minute ppl are so in LOVEEE then the nxt minute they break up. I get so sick of signing on to facebook everyday and seeing the same people's relationship status go from, In a Relationship to Its Complicated to Relationship Ended to Married. Blahh getting olddd.. just stay broken up lol jk jk! I just feel that ppl shouldnt bring change their relationship status if they know their gonna get back together the nxt day but thts a whole nother

A lot of people have been talking to me about this 6 Month Curse... oohhh beware lol. When my friend Tommie told me tht he bet me and my ex would break up or be having serious problems by 6 months I told him he was crazyy.. but a lil over a week before tht 6 month mark... Tommie was proven right. =( Do you all believe in the 6th month curse? Is it true tht guys all of a sudden get stupid around tht time..or wat?

It seems like relationships are getting shorter and shorter.. i think some ppl are just doing it for fun now. lol

Even celebrities are following this break up trend.. is breaking up the new BLACK?

Monday, July 27, 2009

im tagged! =)

yayy I've been tagged by ke'lsyemykia Creme De La Creme!

Instructions: Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST OR BAND, answer these questions. Pass it on to 12 (too many.. im tagging the ppl who cmnt on my posts!) people and include me. You can't use the artist or band I used. Do not repeat a song title. Re post as "My Life According to (ARTIST OR BAND NAME)".

Pick Your Artist: Rihanna of coursee. lmao
Are you a male/female?: A Girl Like Me haha.
Describe Yourself: Good Girl Gone Bad ( i really do lmao!)
How do you feel: Disturbia.. lol im lmao over here.
Describe where you currently live: Million Miles Away
If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
Rehab ( lol not really! its just the only 1 tht would fit lol)
Your favorite form of transportation: Shut Up and Drive lol..
Your best friend is:
There's a Thug in my Life. haha idkk
Your favorite color is: i have no clue what to put here..gosh!
What's the weather like: Umbrella lol.. it didnt rain but whatever!
Favorite time of the day: The Last Time lol.. idk this is getting hard lol
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Bad Girl lol.
What is life to you: Question Exsisting
Your relationships: Coulda Been the One.
Your fear: Unfaithful (being cheated on!)
What is the best advice you have to give?: Live Your Life!
If you could change your name, you would change it to:
Cinderella (Umbrella Remix) hehe
Thought for the Day: Now I Know
How I would like to die:
Final Goodbye
My soul's present condition: SOS (Rescue Me)

I tagggg.... *drum roll please*

Kelly Nina Kiyyah
Max Gibson

yall have commented me recently and I loveee comments so thts y i tagged youu. =)

Saturday, July 25, 2009


I'm so ready to go to college.

It seems like lately I can't do anything right in this house. Its like all my dad wants is to argue with me, its like wtf...why are you so angry? Idk if its a mid life crisis or wtf is going on. The arguements are getting worse and worse. Me and my dad just got into it two days ago so ive been trying to avoid him and today we got into it bad....

He was yellin at me to get my jackets off the chair in the kitchen or whatever and I heard him but I just ignored him then my mom yelled did I hear him and im like no... so then he started screamin for my to come upstairs blah blah. Then when I got upstairs....

a lil bit of what happened*
Mean Man- Get your stuff off this chair!!!!!! You dont do anything around here. blah blahh!!!
Paige- ???.....
Mean Man- I dont care how you feel about me right now you do what I tell you to do and blehhh blahhhh womp womp!
Paige-calm voice* Why are you screaming? Whats wrong with you... why are you so angry with me?
Paige- walking upstairs* well i'll be going to college nxt year then u wont have to worry about anything I do.
Mean Man- You're gonna be back home first semester, cuz ur gonna flunk out!

Ohhh real nice dad, great comeback. I guess I thought I was arguing with my father but I was really arguing with my little brother hmmm? Since i've been ranked in the top 10 since I was a freshman... always have had a gpa over 3.7 and I have honors and AP classes. I guess. I've never been really close with my dad because he isnt really a people person....but i mean at the rate were going once I move out we're gonna b like strangers. whateverr, i'm tired of crying...he can say whatever he wants im just focused on gettin up outta this house!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Hits && Haircuts.

So Jay Z's new single came out yesterdayy and I like it! Its featuring Rihanna and Kanye West. Yall already know if a song has Rihanna on it then I love it lmao, but you should check it out and tell me what you think!
Listen on JayZ's myspace-

What do you all think of Solange's haircut? I don't think she looks horrible and I have to give it to her she's brave... very brave!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My favorite boys on youtube =)

I love the confidence! =)

Tragus Piercing!!!

yessss I finally got my tragus pierced!!! I've been begging my mom for months now to let me get it and at first she kept saying NO because it just seemed weird to her, she didnt understand it, it scared her lmao.. but i've always liked doing things tht are different and i just had to have itttt. It didnt really hurt, the man who pierced it was really nice even though he looked toughh with all those piercing and tattoos. My mommy and my best friend Kamille were about to faint but I was keeping calm lol and the whole time my mom kept saying you can change ur mind at any time, i dont mind going back home lmaoo! Im so glad i went through with it though!
I know a lot of people might not like it, some of my followers might not even like it! lol but I mean you are always gonna have negative comments...and even wen they unexpectedly come from those who are close to you.. you just gotta deal with them the same way... brush em off. I don't do things to impress people (though compliments are niceee =] ), I do them because I want to! Plus when someone doesnt like your outfit...or your hair...etc atleast you dont have to worry about them copying youuu lol!

I originally wanted a stud earring but the piercer said a hoop is better as a starter earring. It is less likely to get infected and easier to clean. Sooo as soon as its healed i'm gonna switch to a stud earring its just tooooo cute!! =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

1AM Updates.

When it comes to fashion, Rihanna can do no wrong. New hair- love it!

Was this supposed to be sexy? mhmm kay.

As of last month Amber Rose is a Ford Model yayy love her!

I'm visiting Illinois State University this weekend. omgg college is so close and I have no idea where I wanna go....well im trying to get my life together. lol...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Over the knee boots.

I'm really feelin the over the knee boots thing for fall... i know what most of you are probably thinking eww.. but im not talking about THESE... im sure some1 could pull it off.. but i dont wanna try lol.
I'm talking about THESE over the knee boots!!

HOTTTT! I'm def getting a pair ASAP.

Who's House?? RUN'S HOUSE!! lol

I've been in love with the Simmons family since like Season 2 of their show. I slipped big time this season tho and i hadnt seen 1 episode... but since today was like a chill day I watched like the whole season! lmao. thank you On Demand. =) but it jus reminded me how much I love tht show because they keep me laughing and they are just like the model family. They really let everyone into their personal lives.. from sharing about Justine's miscarriage to how Jojo got arrested for drugs. When I get older I want to have a fam thts so close like this and a tv show would b nice too lol!

The finale for the 6th season of Run's House is tomorrow July 13th so don't miss it!

I also loveee Angela! She's a real down to earth and flyy chick! A lot of girls can look up to her because she isnt out in the club actin wild and doin the whole ima go crazy cuz im a reverends daughter thing lol. I love her style!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dirtyy Moneyy

I lovedddd Danity Kane and I still refuse to let them go. Dawn was always my favorite and I felt soo bad that her group broke up cuz tht was always her dream. As some of you may knowwww Diddy kept Dawn around && the group was formed DIRTY MONEY.

The group consists of Diddy, Dawn and a songwriter named Kalenna.

I've never heard of Kalenna but I hear she's talented... sooo idk but we'll see how this turns out. I just want Dawn to stay around so I wish them the best!

What do you all think?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take a page from the book of PAIGE.

Hey bloggersss! I havent really made a blog telling you all whats going on with mee lately minus the 2 boy drama posts lmao.. so im gonna give you all a lil update on my life.. for the ppl who actually care lol.

- Summer league for volleyball started so I have 2 games every Monday and Wednesday. Everything is really unorganized and its frustrating. Our coach quit so now the JV coach stepped up to Varsity and I know he means well but...ugh. He was late as usual for our game on Monday like really late..and he had our we only had 4 players. We had to borrow 2 ppl from another embarrassinggg. but we ended up winning 1 of our games yayy. Ohh yeah and im playing a totally new position.. SETTER and for any of yall who kno about volleyball...its a very important position and im trying to get the hang of it for the sake of my team. = /

- My mother is on my back everyyyy singleeee dayyyy about college, scholarships, blah blah blah. I feel like i'm writing an essay everyday when I rather just enjoy my summer and relax. I guess she knows whats best for me but the yelling is getting really annoying.. all she ever tlks about is college.. i mean i wish 1 day we could just talk about the weather or something! ugh. I dont want to tlk about school everydayy.. its already hard enough knowing tht im not sure about my future career anymore which i've planned to do since i was 12.

-I've gone fashion crazyyyy lately. Every1 knows i'm already like obsessed with shopping and clothes and stuff but lately thts all i think abouttt. I've found some like really good fashion blogs recently and i love seeing how ppl put their outfits together and where they got each piece from... and im really interested in photography. so putting both together equals fashionnn photographyy. hmm could tht b in my future?

well thats all i'm going to tell you all for noww lol cuz if i keep going this post might turn into an essay (eww essays lol). Soo yeahh I also wanna thank everyone who has subscribed recently.. every time i look the number of followers i have keeps getting bigger and im lovinggg ittttt! lol Please continue to comment, I love reading what you all have to say and tell ur friends about me so they can follow too!

PS. Please cmnt telling me what topics you all want me to tlk about? What posts of mine you like best? Thanks!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

I didn't really watch the Michael Jackson Memorial because I caught it as it was about to go off but I watched another tribute special later tht showed clips of it. From what I saw it was really reallyyyy beautiful. I never really gave Michael Jackson tht much thought, I just knew I liked a couple of his songs and stuff... but I'm really sad that he had to go so soon. I know that he was loved around the worlddd and their will never be a greater entertainer. I just dont like how a lot of people who a couple weeks ago would have talked about him and laughed at him are going WAY overboard especially on facebook lol.. got him as their profile pic and every status ends with RIP MJ.. but whatever. I guess sometimes people become even more famous after they die huh?

and I jus had to add my favoriteee Michael Jackson song to complete this post. It just makes me want to get up and dance... well yeah it DOES make me get up and dance! lol

All dressed in WHITE.

I gotta get myself into one of Diddy's white parties one dayyy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not "Black" Enough?

Ever since May 26, 1992 I've been a light skin African American.
I've never had a problem with it so why should other people hmm?

-I've never had a Baby Phat or Rocawear outfit..or worn any "urban" brand ever.

-I dont say "nigga" and have been known to not use any other vulgar language.

-I like hip hop and some rap... but I don't know the words to every latest rap song or the dances to go with them.

So.. does that mean i'm not black enough?
Hazel-greenish eyes, light skin, light brown hair and a unique personality that doesnt fit the average black persons (i doesnt change the race I am. Black people come in sooo many different and unique shades and I feel EVERY single one is beautiful.

I've learned to ignore peoples comments..."Paige you're not black so u dont know what we go through."... "Hey White Girl!" "You have to be adopted!" "You got MICRO BRAIDS? omg you look like a white girl trying to be black." "You havent seen the Jackson 5 movie??... you aint black! (lol yes i just heard tht one today!") At first the comments used to bother me... some still annoy me .. but i've learned to laugh them off because people just dont know what their talking about! Both of my parents are black... and even if one of them wasnt... so what! I dont want to be labeled as one type of person because of my race.. i'm Paige and i'm not like ANYONE else and I like it that way. Some people like to follow...I personally think leading is more fun.

So unless you are about 200 years old... and you were kidnapped from Africa and brought to America to be a slave... you need to keep your ignorant and pathetic comments to yourself.. and just STFU!!!!

Thank You for taking the time to read my rant! lmao.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Best I've Ever SEEN.

I soo wish I could find a guy JUST like this.. expect he's 17 and lives a resonable distance from me. lol dreams.....

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