Sunday, July 12, 2009

Over the knee boots.

I'm really feelin the over the knee boots thing for fall... i know what most of you are probably thinking eww.. but im not talking about THESE... im sure some1 could pull it off.. but i dont wanna try lol.
I'm talking about THESE over the knee boots!!

HOTTTT! I'm def getting a pair ASAP.


Max Gibson said...

The over the knee boots are quite loud. I've seen girls rocking them in Los Angeles though. Do you think the kneww high boot is hear to stay? Or is it just a fleeting trend?

Max Gibson

Paige Mariah. said...

i hope their here to stay because i'm getting some! lol

Tosin.s said...

love the boots!

just came across this blog...its really cute!!

check out:

Chili said...

Beautiful blog you have:) What is your favorite cookie?

Paige Mariah. said...

thanks Tosin.s! and umm Chili I like chocolate chip. =) lol

avant-gardiste said...

I see you love fashion like me! Check out my blog sometime!