Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paige will be happy.

This has been the most stressful couple of days in my whole life.

I dont even know where to start.... things havent been too good lately. Failing quizzes, family members getting sick, arguing with parents, break ups, and make ups. I guess thats just life though right?

Sometimes I feel like shutting down, quitting, blocking everyone out, because sometimes that seems like the only way I wont get hurt. I know I cant do that though... because if you didnt have pain, you wouldnt know what good felt like. I'm not the loudest or boldest person, but I know how I deserve to be treated and what I will accept. I will forever stand up for myself because I was raised to be that way. I know not everything will go my way and I can accept that. I really just have to start worrying about me. I dont like drama and I hate when people are mad at me, but if i'm not pleased with myself how can anyone else be? I will step up and I will do better. Not for anyone else but for my happiness.

I believe in 2nd chances and sometimes even 3rd.. me and my boyfriend are going to get better, my grades are going to get better, my life is going to get better. I'm looking forward to better days and I know they will come. I am just so thankful to God, because it could always be worst.
-Paige Mariah

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

oh yeah anddd.

those improvements I talked about making.. i gotta make em soon like for reallyyy real.

we almost a month into 2009 and im still doin the same crap. im procrastinating, watching the hills season 1 on dvd n on facebook instead of writing english rough drafts lmao. my room looks like a tornado hit it and i jus cleaned it 2 days ago. wtf.... i gotta get it together. starting Sunday. Paige *new and improved* is finna come seriously... plus my braces comin off Feb 13th... its just time for a new me!!! ya diggg?! im thinkin new hair or sumthin else too? hmm idk.

akward situations.

i've been in manyyy akward situations but this 1 comin up is prolly gonna top em all off.
can't wait yayyyyy.... = /

anywaysssss. i've realized i write 95% of my blogs in religion class. lmaoo i feel bad tht im not payin attention. haha. they havin a pretty heated discussion in here right now its toooooo funny!!! but yeahhh. this school is funny. we had this prayer sevice yestaday to celebrate the inaug. and it was soo fun ( even though i was extra tired through the whole thing). ppl were singingg and dancing n catchin the holy ghost in the isle. hilarious.

but yeah thts all for nowww. <33

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 12, 2009

I am..

I am the worst victim of pre judgement.

I don't see how people criticize what they don't know.
Since these people judge me and don't even know me.. i'm going to give you a little info about me so you can actually know what youre talking about. = ]

There are people out there that I don't like, but if they respect me I have no problem with respecting them. I'm real... I've made mistakes and I've paid the price for them. I'm not perfect, and I don't want to be. I'm 16 years old and I feel i'm getting wiser and wiser everyday. I live with no regrets because every mistake i've made, i've learned from it. I've been through so many friends, but i'm thankful for all of them because they have taught me so much. I refuse to deal with boy drama or any type of drama.. its pointless.

uhhh there is so much more. but there's a lil bit cuz the bell is gonna ring soon. lol

Paige. <33

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


ugh in my last blog i said i wasnt gonna let lil stuff get to me but its soo hard!!
i guess some ppl really do feel tht bad about themselves tht they hav to try to make other ppl feel bad so they can feel good.
i dont even feel bad... im jus a lil mad. wen ppl tlk about me i jus see it as me doin sumthin right cuz atleast i'm bein noticed nahh meann? but its whatever... if somebodi wants my respect they gotta gimme some in return sooo until then u will b gettin dirty looks sweetheart! lmao.

anyways.. im in religion class taking notes. kinda.. lol. i cant believe break is over and im bac in school. sheesh. atleast its only a semester left of school and then im a seniorrr! woooooo!! i need to work harder tho.. my grades are okay... but i want them to b ahhhmazingggg. so i gotta do better.

well the bell is gonna ring in 2 min. adiosss.

Friday, January 2, 2009


omggg its 2009! woww. 2008 sure did come and go!

im so excited to start off this new year fresh. i wouldnt say i'm going to "change" but i'm def going to perfect myself. I'm going to keep working hard in school but be less of a proscrastinator.
i'm going to continue to stay out of drama but i'm not going to allow myself to let little things get to me. thats jus a lil of what im perfecting but i'm just sooo excited that its 2009 and i'm readyyy to become an even better me!! <33