Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paige will be happy.

This has been the most stressful couple of days in my whole life.

I dont even know where to start.... things havent been too good lately. Failing quizzes, family members getting sick, arguing with parents, break ups, and make ups. I guess thats just life though right?

Sometimes I feel like shutting down, quitting, blocking everyone out, because sometimes that seems like the only way I wont get hurt. I know I cant do that though... because if you didnt have pain, you wouldnt know what good felt like. I'm not the loudest or boldest person, but I know how I deserve to be treated and what I will accept. I will forever stand up for myself because I was raised to be that way. I know not everything will go my way and I can accept that. I really just have to start worrying about me. I dont like drama and I hate when people are mad at me, but if i'm not pleased with myself how can anyone else be? I will step up and I will do better. Not for anyone else but for my happiness.

I believe in 2nd chances and sometimes even 3rd.. me and my boyfriend are going to get better, my grades are going to get better, my life is going to get better. I'm looking forward to better days and I know they will come. I am just so thankful to God, because it could always be worst.
-Paige Mariah


shamma311 said...

Awww that was heart-felt Doody!
I feel u on everything u said.
U kno if nobody understands...
I do.
<3 Luv Ya Dood!

Allexandriia said...

You said it Paige
Everything will get BETTER
I love itt!! best Blog everr

Be-Be said...

I completely understand where u coming from.Sometimes u have to be a lil seflish and take care of u and your needs.You cant make others happy if u not happy.But never shut yourself down emotionally becuz u might end up shutting the good ppl out of your life.As far as break ups and make ups i kno how that goes lol. Always kno wat u want out of the relationship and if u not getting it then leave.lol Cuz its no use trying to fix something thats not gone make u happy. But keep your head up everything will get better.


Thanks for the comments yall, I appreciate them so much. Things are going to get better, i can feel it! lol

MelDenise said...

you think ur somebody dont cha?
lol j/k

this was nice.
i feel inspired.