Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear, You.

I hope things get better for you. I dont like seeing you like this... you are not only the love of my life but you are my best friend. When you are sad or upset, it brings me down. I want nothing but the best for you. I feel as if you are giving up when you still have opportunies to change. Sometimes I feel sad.. like why did things have to get so bad for you as soon as things got so good for us? But then I think and I've figured that maybe we were brought together during one of the most stressful years of your life so that I can be there for you and help you. That is exactlyyy what I plan on doing. I care about you so much and I know things will get better. Like I told you today, I will be there for you through everythingg. I love you.

Love, Paige.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

wake up call

ughhh. i feel sooo... idk wat word to use. but okayy ima use "lost". I feel like time is just moving soooo fast. I feel like i just started high school, freshman year. sooo excited to b growing up and learning new stuff. now im halfway done with junior year. stressed as eva. feeling like crap. my mom says she is my "academic coach" and as grateful as i am to have tht it gets sooo annoying. Everyday all i hear is ACT ACT ACT, COLLEGE COLLEGE COLLEGE. uhhhh i just wanna go shoppinggggggggg. i knew once i got older i was gonna hav more responsibility but mannn this is tough. I know I can do this though. I just really need to sit down, relax, and get my life together. I have soo much to do but i jus gotta get my procrastinating self to do it.

I can do it, I can do it, I can do it. lol
Idk where I would be if I didnt have the people who love me, pushing me. = ]

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


updates, updates, updates!

  • my braces are offf. awwww snappp, shawty onnnnn. lmaooo no but seriously. i'm happy, i was really excited wen they came off. even though i hav to wear these retainers everyday noww. they are annoying and kinda gross. but yeahh im happy bout tht.

  • valentine's day was soooo nice. i felt so special. my baby makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world i swearrr. he tried to trick me and say he couldnt get to the store and get me anything but wen i was at his house he went into another room and brought out this big bag of stuff. i almost criedd. haha. then he had a game soo me and amber and my parents went to the movies. The uninvited was weirddd but it was a good moviee. but landen came over after his gamee. soo yeahh fun day!

  • Progress reports came this weekend. It was decent but my spanish grade is RETARDED. We have no teacher so we get like nooo assignmets. me and that principal r gonna hav to have a tlk cuz this is not going to workkk.

  • I went out to breakfast wit my big sis Melanie and then me the my gurlies went to the auto show yesterdayy. it gets kinda boring walking around and looking at cars after a while. but its jus funn hanging wit em. then we went to noodles && company after and i had my favvv butter noodles with shrimp lol.

but thts all for nowww. i'll update more later.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

last day...

this is the last full day i will be wearing braces. *tear....*

haha lets see whats been going onnnnn?

i've been a lil irritable this week.. idk whyyy.
pre cal is starting to upset me.
spanish class has beennn upsetting because of the fact we dont hav a teacher so we hav no assignments and my grade is garbageee!

i got some MAC hello kitty makeup the otha dayy. its sooo cute but soo expensive. since im gettin my braces off i thought i would go for this new look. makeup and all. soo yeahhh

valentines day is in like 2 days... landen has a game but hopefully i get to see him in like the morning? idk.. i jus hope this is a good one cuz all the valentines days in the past have been blahhhh.

and i think this pic is cuteee so im putting it up here lol.

Monday, February 9, 2009

= [

danggg i feel sad bout all the drama goin on wit my fav couple ever. i hope they work everything outtt!

anywaysss. the grammys disappointed me this year. i guess since rihanna && chris backed out they had to throw a lot of performances together last minute... idk i jus hope its better nxt year.

thts all for nowww.

Friday, February 6, 2009


omg omg omg omg omg. a week from today... i will be..... BRACES FREE!!!
go mee, go meee, go meeee.

im exciteddd. i feel like havin a new start. a new look. well not a new one but like a better and improvedd one. landen says im too excited but dont say anything but.. i think he's just mad he's had his for like 10 years and i had mine for like 1 and a half. hahaha. but yeahhh.

im writing this blog from spanish class instead of religion class today.
uhhh wat else is new.... umm i have to pee.
im hungry but lunch is nxt period so yeahhh.

my sister melanie blogs now check it outtt. her name is MelanieDenise in my followers. luv ya skank!

umm thts all for now. <33

Thursday, February 5, 2009


man i am EXHAUSTED and sooo freakin SICK.

i didnt go to school yesterday because I went to springfield to the capital to observe some state representatives and all tht ish ish.. i was so tired n i wasnt feelin good at all. i had to get up at 5 in the mornin n wait in the car a hour before the man actually got there to pick us up. we rode on tht bus for over 3 hourssssssss. ugh n i didnt get home last nite till like 11. n now im at school feeling sooo ill, not like lil wayne but like, ill ill. lol gosh. n today is grimey thursday in gym, idk how ima do it. I need a prayer.
i got some coldstones yesterday tho. which wasnt really smart since it was like freezing outside and i hav a cold anddd it was expensive! it was good tho so wateverrr.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009


blah blahh blahhh. school is boringgg.

-i wanna go shopping. i want new flip flops, shorts, shirtss, dressessss. but i guess since its still snow outside i should slow downnn. lol
-i need a job....i'm kinda broke.
-i've been slacking so hard.. im ashamed. = [
-i miss my boyfriend. its weird him being on punishment and everything... i guess cuz i never get on "punishment". lol
-i doubt im getting my liscense next month... cuz weneva my mom asks me to drive i come up with an excuse, the truth is im just lazy. lol
-i need to get my life together haha.
-religion class goes by so fast...
-nxt period we got a presentation tht we just got together today goshhh. stressful much?
-this weekend was hmmm interesting! haha.
-i realllyyyyyyyy wanna go shopping. lmao
-umm i think i should work on this religion hw now huh?