Monday, February 2, 2009


blah blahh blahhh. school is boringgg.

-i wanna go shopping. i want new flip flops, shorts, shirtss, dressessss. but i guess since its still snow outside i should slow downnn. lol
-i need a job....i'm kinda broke.
-i've been slacking so hard.. im ashamed. = [
-i miss my boyfriend. its weird him being on punishment and everything... i guess cuz i never get on "punishment". lol
-i doubt im getting my liscense next month... cuz weneva my mom asks me to drive i come up with an excuse, the truth is im just lazy. lol
-i need to get my life together haha.
-religion class goes by so fast...
-nxt period we got a presentation tht we just got together today goshhh. stressful much?
-this weekend was hmmm interesting! haha.
-i realllyyyyyyyy wanna go shopping. lmao
-umm i think i should work on this religion hw now huh?

1 comment:

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