Friday, May 29, 2009


omg so i am officially a licensed driver!! lol. It feels sooo good, like im free or something lol. I drove by myself for the first time yesterday without my mom and it was just fun lol idkk why! The process to get the license was so easy and with 102 hours of driving experience haha of course it was easyy for me.

But knowing me I always gotta do sumthin stupid.. so wen we parked after I got done with my test. The man said okay lets go get your license and i'm all geekedd and excited tht i jump out the car and close the door without even taking the keys out the ignition! lmao. idkk it was rainingg and i didnt wanna get my hair wet and tht was mixed with my excitement lmaoo. but he was like umm misss and i was like omg omg sry and opened the door n took the keys out and was just like omg i got too excited, a little toooo excited! haha. funnyy.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Evolved./ 17th birthday!


yessss!!! today is my birthdayyy and I am super duper happy && crazy exciteddd. I've been getting lots of love everyday and I appreciate and thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I think God so much for blessing me with another year of life. Turning 17 is not just another birthday but its a chance to turn over a new leaf and start fresh. I'm going to try to become a better me and make some changes. (i love my neww hair =)!!) I'm one year older and a little bit wiser. 16 was a year for soooo many new lessons, excitement && let downs. Now i'm going to use every thing I learned at 16 and use it for this new 17 year old meeee. wooooo!!

anddd.. im supposed to be getting my license today if everything goes as planned! finally! AMEN! =) also i'm celebrating my bday this weekend with my friends downtown and it should be a lot of fun! I'll update soon!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Evolution of pg.

So i'm sitting in Religion class eating cereal... lol my friend sells little individual containers every morning haha. im supporting her hustle! lmao anyways...

i'm just thinking and i'm about to be 17 years old in ONE week. I can still so clearly remember in my head being 14 saying omg I can't wait to turn 15!! Time goes by soooo fast. I can honestly say I have changed sooo much since freshman year. From appearance to the way I act. Freshman year I used to be this little shy girl with glasses who kept getting into so much drama and couldnt understand why lol. Then sophmore year I was the girl with bangs and braces who was just trying to figure everything out. Lol nowww.. idk i'm just the older and more mature Paige I guess. Its like I have evolved every year.. and I like that i'm able to do that. Each year I become a stronger and better me. I'm liking where things are going now.. starting to change the things up, being more of an individual, because being noticed for your unique style is nice =). 17 is gonna be a good year for me... I can feel it lol. I'm ready for the next change, for that 17 year old SENIOR Paige!!! lol


Monday, May 18, 2009

stupid loveee.

okay well I LOVE love haha. and you know this single life is cool and everything... not tied down, finally a chance to focus on me. dont get me wrong I like it, I really do. but it is always niceee to have a special boyy in ur life. one tht u can do things with tht u cant do with ur other male friends. idkkk. like holding hands in public.. taking cute pictures.. just having fun being together. lol like I just havent found the right 1 yet, and im just too picky = [ and it seems like everytime I have to do way to much to get a boy it never works out. So im just going to let whatever happens, happen. and let mr. perfect come to meeee.

until then i'm just going to watch everyone around me be in love and happy and all tht other BLAH BLAH BLAH. =] ugh... lol

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009 pt. 2

after all that foolishness downtown me and amber get on the train. me and amber talk loud idk why but all of a sudden this white boy sitting across from us joined in on our convo. he was nice, and we talked about school and relationships and stuff and he would jump in occassionally and I could catch him laughing at stuff we said. It was funn.. so all of a sudden he told us that he broke up with his girlfriend like 5 minutes ago... we're like wtf! you cant text message break up!! lol so he hands me his iphone and lets us read the long txt he sent her. boys are sooo typical, the whole i dont want to be tied down to one girl in high school, we're still young blah blah. i'm like ohh pleasee. amber asked him how long they had been together and he said 5 months and im like awww naw, thats how long i was with my ex you have lost cool points! lmao. but no it was still funny talking to him...

so we got so into this convo we didnt realize we were at our FREAKING TRAIN STOP. amber looks out the window like omg this is our stop, im like no it isnt, and she's like yes it is. and im like OMG IT IS!! lol so this has happened many times before but we always run down in time to get off. this time we were too late wen we took off trying to run down the stairs and get off the train starting movinggg. amber kept trying to run to the doors lol but i jus plopped back down on one of the seats and was like its too late amber, we're too lateeeeee lmao. it was jus like out of a movie. ppl around us were laughinggg. it was so embarrassing. these girls by us were like "see thats what happens wen ur talking and not paying attention" i wanted to say stfu lol. and so I decided that I better hurry and call my mom and be prepared to get cussed out lol, and the white boy was like hey just tell her you got distracted by some white kid! and I was like hey sounds like a plan haha. So then we had to get off at the next stop in the middle of Harvey.. so we get off and we're like wtf where are we and we were freaking out haha. then we see my moms car and we start running to her and these guys in a car honk at us and scream "SEXAYYYY!!" out the window and we started running faster haha. then once we crossed the street we realized we were at the same spot we used to get picked up for BAHA every other Saturday. So we were all scared for nothing.....


May 16, 2009

so people seemed to like to read blogs about crazy things that happen to me (ex. the spider incident) sooo here is the story of my day lmao! its two parts!

today was funnn. I had BAHA (black and hispanic achievers) downtown. Downtown Chicago is the weirdest place ever but I love it, I mean you can NEVER guess what you will see. So were in Depaul University at the Starbucks in the book store and we all of a sudden look out the window and this man is standing outside looking at us in a freaking BATHROBE. now of course I start laughingg like crazy, but it was just really sad at the same time lol. then I look again and he was gone, creepy.

okay so after BAHA we went to forever 21 and then we left and were on our way to Millineum station or whatever. so its this group of guys and I just knew we werent gonna get past without one of them saying something to us. So one of them rolls up on the side of me and like shoves this paper at me so i take it and he's like can you ladies please donate something for my basketball team (mind you this dude looks like 25 wtf). I just smiled and was like im sorry but I dont have anyyy moneyy (which was the truth lol). so he smiles at me all creepy and is like well can I just have a hug then its my birthday. and I was like ummm okay (idk wat i was thinking!! lol) so he's like you gotta hug me like you love me. so I have him a hug and I tried to get away as soon as possible. then amber smelled me to make sure I still smelled alright, I was good. = ] lol i would never have done that if I was aloneee!! omg.

So after that we go to the cultural center because my cousin is coming to Chicago for her anniversary and she needed info. So I ask the lady for help and she gives me like 10000 pamplets it began to get hard to carry them she gave me so many. i'm thinkin wtf... she isnt staying a month. ughh.

sisterly love.

soooo. my big sister melanie, love her to death, blah blah. but I can't seem to figure something out!!..


lol.. I mean I have been blogging longer than her, i'm the one whole introduced her to blogging!!! grrrr. she has all these followers and she gets all these comments wtf! lol I know I'm always calling her jealous, but its my turn i'm jealouss!!! lolol maybe I need to start posting 12 blogs a day like her.... nahhhh! lol FOLLOW ME not HER. thank you lol.

Monday, May 11, 2009

def of real.

ooooh two blogs in 1 day lol. but yeah i've been thinking about this for a while and I just need to vent.

I don't understand why people can't just be upfront and honest with their feelings. It is def much easier that way... you dont have to put this mask on, trying to make every1 think that your life is so great and perfect. trust me, i'm sure no one even cares that much. it just seems like its the ppl tht are always like omg everything is perfect, wow my life couldnt be better... are the ones that are hurting the most inside. I always like to be real with everything. If I fall down the stairs in front of everyoneee in school, i'm not going to get up and be like man I barely tripped it didnt even hurt what are you talking about when my leg is probably broken lol!? I'm going to most likely yell AHHHH, that hurtttt.. and I might even have a tear or two lol. Still, because I know that broken bone is going to heal soon, I will get over it and move on. If I tried to cover up that pain its not just going to vanish so whats the point?
Another thought I've had that relates to that is how people are so evil and cruel to others and then come to find out something is really really going wrong in their life and they just arent happy with themselves. Its like terribly sad that people get off on that temporary high of making someone else feel like crap. Don't they understand that bullying that person or hurting their feelings might get their mind off their own sucky lives for a little while but thats just temporary. When your done you still have problems, so tell me what are you really getting out of causing someone else problems? I've been hurt so many times... betrayed even/stabbed in the back. Though I can honestly say that in my heart I forgive every single person that has hurt me.. even those who I know arent sorry. I'm gonna bring some Jesus on yall... whenever some one hurts me this always pops in my head. "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do. (Luke 23:34)" I mean these people honestly have no idea what they are doing and how much bad karma they are bringing upon themselves. So i'm not going to waste my time trying to "argue with them on facebook... " lol or seek revenge. I have way more important things to worry about. My future is my main focus and I have no time to waste. If others dont care about theirs thats on them.



i'm stressed. school is hard. i have an extremely short attention spand. this sucks.

I'm so ready for summer, man I hate feeling pressured. Its too much going on for all these teachers to want to throw all these projects and tests at us. I have a freaking English AP test on Wednesday that is just a jokeeee! wtf. I NEED A PRAYER. = [

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

updates babayyy.

So once again i'm at home sick (my throat is on fire and i cant breathe out my nose)...and with this swine flu goin around im glad my mom let me stay home cuz i don wanna get any1 else sick or hav myself get sickerrr. sooo I have some time on my hands and I decided to blog.

Well lets see Monday I got a new phone, the HTC Fuze. I LOVEEEE IT. its like the phone i've always wanted lol. Its my new main sqeeze hehe.

Yesterday on Tuesday was the National Honor Society induction, I got inducted last year but they still wanted us to b there to like get honored n get a little NHS pin. I'm glad I went and we ending up going out to eat at Chilis afterrr.
Lets see what else? Umm we've had BAHA (black and hispanic achievers)which is this club im in 3 weeks in a row and its given me the chance to become so much closer with my friends there. We always get to hang out after and I just love having them in my lifeee. Who knew the suburb and city kids could become so close haha?

but besides all tht i've really just been trying to get myself together. i'm getting older and my birthday is this month ( 17 wowww.) so ive gotta start making better decisions and get my priorities in order. my life has always been pretty umm interesting, almost like a reality TV show. n even tho it never gets boring its very much distracting and drama is not a fun hobby to hav. some things have gotta change.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

She's backkk!

Rihanna made her first official appearance since the Chris Brown incident last night at the Mets Ball! She's back and better than ever, and to me by far the BEST DRESSED of the night. I'm so happy for her, for not letting that situation ruin her and just let it make her a stronger person. She just needs to hold one more #1 Billboard 100 single until January 2010 and she will be named "Most successful artist of the decade." I know she can do itttt. Go Rih! <33