Friday, May 29, 2009


omg so i am officially a licensed driver!! lol. It feels sooo good, like im free or something lol. I drove by myself for the first time yesterday without my mom and it was just fun lol idkk why! The process to get the license was so easy and with 102 hours of driving experience haha of course it was easyy for me.

But knowing me I always gotta do sumthin stupid.. so wen we parked after I got done with my test. The man said okay lets go get your license and i'm all geekedd and excited tht i jump out the car and close the door without even taking the keys out the ignition! lmao. idkk it was rainingg and i didnt wanna get my hair wet and tht was mixed with my excitement lmaoo. but he was like umm misss and i was like omg omg sry and opened the door n took the keys out and was just like omg i got too excited, a little toooo excited! haha. funnyy.


(vixenchick) said...

yay! congrats on getting your licence!



HappyMedium said...

Good blog! I'm following your big sister's blog, and she refers to your site.

Do you have green eyes, or do they just look green in this pic?

Paige Mariah. said...

thank you! and yes my eyes are green =).