Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If you're a bird, i'm a bird.

I want a "The Notebook" kinda love one day....

Being single is fun and everything... but I miss that hold your hand when we're walking, fall asleep on the phone, random sweet text messages.. kinda stuff. can you blame me?..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


CURRENT READ* When I first heard about Lauren Conrad's book LA Candy I didnt think too much about it but when I saw someone do a review on it on their blog... i decided to google it and see wat it was about. It seemed like it would be good... soooo i spent the little money i HAD lol and bought it! I havent finished it yet because i'm veryy busy with umm life.. but so far so good! check it out ppl.

I really really want this book!... My little problem with Psychology class has really made me rethink my future. I love love loveee fashion.. but I always said I wouldnt pursue it because it probably wouldnt make me rich right away. I've realized lately though that I dont care.. I want to do what makes me happy and I'm willing to work hard to get to where I want to be. I think this book would really help me fig out exactly what I want to do. I gotta have itttt!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i straight almost had a panic attack today.
its like everything is happening so fast... but im moving like sooo slow.

I am retaking the ACT for the 3rd time on saturday... do i feel more prepared than the last 2 times? NO.
I'm supposed to atleast have two college applications done by the end of this month... am I anywhere near done? NO.
Am I focusing in school like I should be? NO.
Is this Head of Prom Committee ish stressing me out already? YES.
Am I worrying too much about a boy? YES.

Am I stressing way to much? HELL YES.

This procrastination is gonna b my downfall.

Wtf has gotten into me?

Amber Rose.

Aww she looked really pretty at this event.. because her latest outfit choices have been kinda "ehhhh?" to mee.

Monday, October 19, 2009

the wait is ova!!!!

i am soooo freakin excited!!! November 23, 09 the RIHturn!!!


i would of loved for her first single to be like an uptemo club banga.. but i still love the song. i mean come on its Rih!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

sweetest dayyy.

Tomorrow is Sweetest Day(ughh...lol jk). Got anything special planned?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Guy Translation

Why does the male vocab differ soooo much from the normal language?

The one i've been noticing a lot lately is "in a min" def does not mean IN A MIN.
ex. yeah i'm finna call you in a few min.
I mean i'm not thirsty I dont mind waiting for someone for a lil while but i might have something to do, somewhere to go, someone to see... and if u got me thinking i only have to wait minutes but then it turns into HOURS. i mean come on now.

I tweeted about it yesterday and one of my male friends replied:

DevinLamar @loveepg to be honest its just a variable sometimes it could mean days maybe even a month

loveepg @DevinLamar lmao no... then they need to b specific and say a couple days, a month etc. if they sayin a min then they need to mean a MIN.

DevinLamar @loveepg its jus a variable....its kinda like when you use x in math class lol

If thats true I think tht theory SUCKS. I strongly believe in say what you mean and mean what you say! but i aint trippin....too much haha.

Light up my life.

If only I could afford Chanel.....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's your purpose?

I've come to the conclusion that: people really annoy me.

Its just really starting to bother me... Like I totally believe in the saying "If you don't have something nice to say, just STFU." Well mayb it doesnt go exactly like tht.. but it should.

If you don't like something someone has on... or the way they did their hair.. stuff like tht. Just don't speak on it. If you're not complimenting the person whats the point? Are they supposed to take off their shoes right there and throw them in the nearest garbage because you told them their ugly? I mean seriously....what is the purpose?!

So today... i'm rocking one of those LC braids. if you don't know wat it looks like (picture, right).. mine isnt exactlyy like hers..its kinda neater but anyways you get the point. I like how it looks, and I look up to Lauren Conrad and I love her style so of course I was inspired duhh lol. I've even worn it last year too... No1 else at school ever does this with their hair and me being a person who doesnt like looking like every1 else of course i'm gonna wear it. So i'm in the hallway tlking to my friend and all of a sudden I hear:
Girl: Paige! What is up with tht braid?!!?!?!
Me: Umm.. Why are you worried about it? (turns back to other friend)
Girl(yes STILL talking): Its just i look up and I see it and its just stressin me!
Me: Well idk what to tell you.. because its on MY head.
okay soooo wtf was tht. Did she want me to b like oh no u dont like it?? Let me take it out right noww. I guess she would prefer me to wear tht simple ass wrap like her and every1 else?? I don't get ppl sometimes... always tlking, but not saying much.

Friday, October 2, 2009

shxt tlkin.

soo im just sitting here minding my own business and trying to pack for this camping trip tomorrow and i hear downstairs...

Dad: Where is Paige, on facebook?
Mom: You know she is.
Dad: Thats why her grades are so bad now, she isnt focused and she wonders why she is messing up. She needs to get it together, blah blah blah.

kay... so first i was just ignoring it but i really started to get mad. Right now I have a D+ in my Psychology Honors class... but I have straight A+'s and A's in ALL my other class which include an AP English class and Physics Honors. It makes me soooo mad tht my dad can sit there tlkin bout my grades are sooo bad n im not trying wen i have 1 bad grade.

Psychology is supposed to b the major i wanna do but its not tht i dont get the stuff its jus tht i wasnt used to the way my teacher gives grades. We never have homework assignments..worksheets nuthin like tht. Just random quizzes every other day on terms and stuff she tlked about in class. After you study all those freakin definitions u realize they all sound the same and the fact tht she doesnt word it the way we studied it and makes up her own questions makes it worse. I tried to explain tht to my dad but does he listen. NOOOOOOOO.

I only did bad on the first 2 quizzes and tht was the first week of school. Ever since then I have passed every single 1... yet i'm not trying. Then when my dad came upstairs tryin to tlk more mess I started yellin at him cuz he HAS NO FREAKIN CLUE WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT. I told him ima start bringing the quizzes home and he can take em n see how well he does. Tlkin bout I won't let him speak.. i told him he did enough tlkin to my mama cuz he thought i didnt hear but i did. I swear parents just dont understand and sometimes it seems like they dont try to. I work way to hard for him to b actin like i don't do shit.. im balancin a sport and still tryin to get straight A's. UGH. he can KMA.