Tuesday, October 20, 2009


i straight almost had a panic attack today.
its like everything is happening so fast... but im moving like sooo slow.

I am retaking the ACT for the 3rd time on saturday... do i feel more prepared than the last 2 times? NO.
I'm supposed to atleast have two college applications done by the end of this month... am I anywhere near done? NO.
Am I focusing in school like I should be? NO.
Is this Head of Prom Committee ish stressing me out already? YES.
Am I worrying too much about a boy? YES.

Am I stressing way to much? HELL YES.

This procrastination is gonna b my downfall.

Wtf has gotten into me?

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[miss.high.yellow] said...

damnn....if ur stressing out...i suggest try and take a breather every now & then.
i used to get panic attacks like crazy. not fun things.
try and prioritize right && dont like procrastination get in your way.
you gotta do something to get somewhere.