Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What's your purpose?

I've come to the conclusion that: people really annoy me.

Its just really starting to bother me... Like I totally believe in the saying "If you don't have something nice to say, just STFU." Well mayb it doesnt go exactly like tht.. but it should.

If you don't like something someone has on... or the way they did their hair.. stuff like tht. Just don't speak on it. If you're not complimenting the person whats the point? Are they supposed to take off their shoes right there and throw them in the nearest garbage because you told them their ugly? I mean seriously....what is the purpose?!

So today... i'm rocking one of those LC braids. if you don't know wat it looks like (picture, right).. mine isnt exactlyy like hers..its kinda neater but anyways you get the point. I like how it looks, and I look up to Lauren Conrad and I love her style so of course I was inspired duhh lol. I've even worn it last year too... No1 else at school ever does this with their hair and me being a person who doesnt like looking like every1 else of course i'm gonna wear it. So i'm in the hallway tlking to my friend and all of a sudden I hear:
Girl: Paige! What is up with tht braid?!!?!?!
Me: Umm.. Why are you worried about it? (turns back to other friend)
Girl(yes STILL talking): Its just i look up and I see it and its just stressin me!
Me: Well idk what to tell you.. because its on MY head.
okay soooo wtf was tht. Did she want me to b like oh no u dont like it?? Let me take it out right noww. I guess she would prefer me to wear tht simple ass wrap like her and every1 else?? I don't get ppl sometimes... always tlking, but not saying much.


Bang Bang said...

Totally concur. My hair was long and curly and puffy and some girl behind was pulling the same shit smh. Only I turn around and one of her friends has a mohawk and an official one with both sides shaven and orange tips. Then I was wtf?! If we are to ever comment negatively, her friend would be the first in line for people to roast. If I don't like it. I go on with my life. Some people just arent worth it and they never look better than you when you turn around smh lmao

Anonymous said...

uggghhh one of my many pet peeves I swear. And my reaction is always defense I would've caused a scene! Thank God I've calmed down some!

Melanie! said...
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Paige Mariah. said...

thanks bang bang and chymere for the cmnts!
to melanie- i have never been one to care too much about what ppl think. i jus don't like the fact tht ppl feet its okay to say stuff like tht and be rude.
and i actually wrote this note while i was at school right after the situation happened not when i got home. i use my blog as a place to vent almost like wen u make blogs venting about ur boyfriend cheating on you. if you have a problem with tht then youre welcome to stop reading. =) thanks.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean.. People feel like the have to comment on everything.. I wore the same thing on the last day of school last year.. and of course.. Everyone was like "Omg, whats going on there?" But on the first day of school.. the same people had the same hair style.. smhh

theFADEDpenguin said...

Nice blog ma, we love the female bloggers!

Stay F.A.D.E.D.

Anonymous said...

let em hate. hehehe

Stacey Rogers said...

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