Wednesday, May 6, 2009

updates babayyy.

So once again i'm at home sick (my throat is on fire and i cant breathe out my nose)...and with this swine flu goin around im glad my mom let me stay home cuz i don wanna get any1 else sick or hav myself get sickerrr. sooo I have some time on my hands and I decided to blog.

Well lets see Monday I got a new phone, the HTC Fuze. I LOVEEEE IT. its like the phone i've always wanted lol. Its my new main sqeeze hehe.

Yesterday on Tuesday was the National Honor Society induction, I got inducted last year but they still wanted us to b there to like get honored n get a little NHS pin. I'm glad I went and we ending up going out to eat at Chilis afterrr.
Lets see what else? Umm we've had BAHA (black and hispanic achievers)which is this club im in 3 weeks in a row and its given me the chance to become so much closer with my friends there. We always get to hang out after and I just love having them in my lifeee. Who knew the suburb and city kids could become so close haha?

but besides all tht i've really just been trying to get myself together. i'm getting older and my birthday is this month ( 17 wowww.) so ive gotta start making better decisions and get my priorities in order. my life has always been pretty umm interesting, almost like a reality TV show. n even tho it never gets boring its very much distracting and drama is not a fun hobby to hav. some things have gotta change.


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