Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

so people seemed to like to read blogs about crazy things that happen to me (ex. the spider incident) sooo here is the story of my day lmao! its two parts!

today was funnn. I had BAHA (black and hispanic achievers) downtown. Downtown Chicago is the weirdest place ever but I love it, I mean you can NEVER guess what you will see. So were in Depaul University at the Starbucks in the book store and we all of a sudden look out the window and this man is standing outside looking at us in a freaking BATHROBE. now of course I start laughingg like crazy, but it was just really sad at the same time lol. then I look again and he was gone, creepy.

okay so after BAHA we went to forever 21 and then we left and were on our way to Millineum station or whatever. so its this group of guys and I just knew we werent gonna get past without one of them saying something to us. So one of them rolls up on the side of me and like shoves this paper at me so i take it and he's like can you ladies please donate something for my basketball team (mind you this dude looks like 25 wtf). I just smiled and was like im sorry but I dont have anyyy moneyy (which was the truth lol). so he smiles at me all creepy and is like well can I just have a hug then its my birthday. and I was like ummm okay (idk wat i was thinking!! lol) so he's like you gotta hug me like you love me. so I have him a hug and I tried to get away as soon as possible. then amber smelled me to make sure I still smelled alright, I was good. = ] lol i would never have done that if I was aloneee!! omg.

So after that we go to the cultural center because my cousin is coming to Chicago for her anniversary and she needed info. So I ask the lady for help and she gives me like 10000 pamplets it began to get hard to carry them she gave me so many. i'm thinkin wtf... she isnt staying a month. ughh.

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