Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009 pt. 2

after all that foolishness downtown me and amber get on the train. me and amber talk loud idk why but all of a sudden this white boy sitting across from us joined in on our convo. he was nice, and we talked about school and relationships and stuff and he would jump in occassionally and I could catch him laughing at stuff we said. It was funn.. so all of a sudden he told us that he broke up with his girlfriend like 5 minutes ago... we're like wtf! you cant text message break up!! lol so he hands me his iphone and lets us read the long txt he sent her. boys are sooo typical, the whole i dont want to be tied down to one girl in high school, we're still young blah blah. i'm like ohh pleasee. amber asked him how long they had been together and he said 5 months and im like awww naw, thats how long i was with my ex you have lost cool points! lmao. but no it was still funny talking to him...

so we got so into this convo we didnt realize we were at our FREAKING TRAIN STOP. amber looks out the window like omg this is our stop, im like no it isnt, and she's like yes it is. and im like OMG IT IS!! lol so this has happened many times before but we always run down in time to get off. this time we were too late wen we took off trying to run down the stairs and get off the train starting movinggg. amber kept trying to run to the doors lol but i jus plopped back down on one of the seats and was like its too late amber, we're too lateeeeee lmao. it was jus like out of a movie. ppl around us were laughinggg. it was so embarrassing. these girls by us were like "see thats what happens wen ur talking and not paying attention" i wanted to say stfu lol. and so I decided that I better hurry and call my mom and be prepared to get cussed out lol, and the white boy was like hey just tell her you got distracted by some white kid! and I was like hey sounds like a plan haha. So then we had to get off at the next stop in the middle of Harvey.. so we get off and we're like wtf where are we and we were freaking out haha. then we see my moms car and we start running to her and these guys in a car honk at us and scream "SEXAYYYY!!" out the window and we started running faster haha. then once we crossed the street we realized we were at the same spot we used to get picked up for BAHA every other Saturday. So we were all scared for nothing.....


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shamma311 said...

Dat was funny!
= ))