Thursday, February 5, 2009


man i am EXHAUSTED and sooo freakin SICK.

i didnt go to school yesterday because I went to springfield to the capital to observe some state representatives and all tht ish ish.. i was so tired n i wasnt feelin good at all. i had to get up at 5 in the mornin n wait in the car a hour before the man actually got there to pick us up. we rode on tht bus for over 3 hourssssssss. ugh n i didnt get home last nite till like 11. n now im at school feeling sooo ill, not like lil wayne but like, ill ill. lol gosh. n today is grimey thursday in gym, idk how ima do it. I need a prayer.
i got some coldstones yesterday tho. which wasnt really smart since it was like freezing outside and i hav a cold anddd it was expensive! it was good tho so wateverrr.

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