Tuesday, February 17, 2009


updates, updates, updates!

  • my braces are offf. awwww snappp, shawty onnnnn. lmaooo no but seriously. i'm happy, i was really excited wen they came off. even though i hav to wear these retainers everyday noww. they are annoying and kinda gross. but yeahh im happy bout tht.

  • valentine's day was soooo nice. i felt so special. my baby makes me feel like the happiest girl in the world i swearrr. he tried to trick me and say he couldnt get to the store and get me anything but wen i was at his house he went into another room and brought out this big bag of stuff. i almost criedd. haha. then he had a game soo me and amber and my parents went to the movies. The uninvited was weirddd but it was a good moviee. but landen came over after his gamee. soo yeahh fun day!

  • Progress reports came this weekend. It was decent but my spanish grade is RETARDED. We have no teacher so we get like nooo assignmets. me and that principal r gonna hav to have a tlk cuz this is not going to workkk.

  • I went out to breakfast wit my big sis Melanie and then me the my gurlies went to the auto show yesterdayy. it gets kinda boring walking around and looking at cars after a while. but its jus funn hanging wit em. then we went to noodles && company after and i had my favvv butter noodles with shrimp lol.

but thts all for nowww. i'll update more later.

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