Thursday, February 12, 2009

last day...

this is the last full day i will be wearing braces. *tear....*

haha lets see whats been going onnnnn?

i've been a lil irritable this week.. idk whyyy.
pre cal is starting to upset me.
spanish class has beennn upsetting because of the fact we dont hav a teacher so we hav no assignments and my grade is garbageee!

i got some MAC hello kitty makeup the otha dayy. its sooo cute but soo expensive. since im gettin my braces off i thought i would go for this new look. makeup and all. soo yeahhh

valentines day is in like 2 days... landen has a game but hopefully i get to see him in like the morning? idk.. i jus hope this is a good one cuz all the valentines days in the past have been blahhhh.

and i think this pic is cuteee so im putting it up here lol.

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