Wednesday, January 7, 2009


ugh in my last blog i said i wasnt gonna let lil stuff get to me but its soo hard!!
i guess some ppl really do feel tht bad about themselves tht they hav to try to make other ppl feel bad so they can feel good.
i dont even feel bad... im jus a lil mad. wen ppl tlk about me i jus see it as me doin sumthin right cuz atleast i'm bein noticed nahh meann? but its whatever... if somebodi wants my respect they gotta gimme some in return sooo until then u will b gettin dirty looks sweetheart! lmao.

anyways.. im in religion class taking notes. kinda.. lol. i cant believe break is over and im bac in school. sheesh. atleast its only a semester left of school and then im a seniorrr! woooooo!! i need to work harder tho.. my grades are okay... but i want them to b ahhhmazingggg. so i gotta do better.

well the bell is gonna ring in 2 min. adiosss.

1 comment:

shamma311 said...

lol "nahhmeann"
ok PiNK.
its gon b iight
let em hate...