Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who's House?? RUN'S HOUSE!! lol

I've been in love with the Simmons family since like Season 2 of their show. I slipped big time this season tho and i hadnt seen 1 episode... but since today was like a chill day I watched like the whole season! lmao. thank you On Demand. =) but it jus reminded me how much I love tht show because they keep me laughing and they are just like the model family. They really let everyone into their personal lives.. from sharing about Justine's miscarriage to how Jojo got arrested for drugs. When I get older I want to have a fam thts so close like this and a tv show would b nice too lol!

The finale for the 6th season of Run's House is tomorrow July 13th so don't miss it!

I also loveee Angela! She's a real down to earth and flyy chick! A lot of girls can look up to her because she isnt out in the club actin wild and doin the whole ima go crazy cuz im a reverends daughter thing lol. I love her style!

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