Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Why Would You Wanna Break Up?

Break ups.... as depressing as they are you'll prolly have to deal with a lot of them in your lifetime.. or if you're luckyy.. naw im pretty sure every1 will have to deal with atleast one lol.
I'm just wondering what it takes to keep a relationship going anymoree? I mean its like 1 minute ppl are so in LOVEEE then the nxt minute they break up. I get so sick of signing on to facebook everyday and seeing the same people's relationship status go from, In a Relationship to Its Complicated to Relationship Ended to Married. Blahh getting olddd.. just stay broken up lol jk jk! I just feel that ppl shouldnt bring change their relationship status if they know their gonna get back together the nxt day but thts a whole nother blogg..lol

A lot of people have been talking to me about this 6 Month Curse... oohhh beware lol. When my friend Tommie told me tht he bet me and my ex would break up or be having serious problems by 6 months I told him he was crazyy.. but a lil over a week before tht 6 month mark... Tommie was proven right. =( Do you all believe in the 6th month curse? Is it true tht guys all of a sudden get stupid around tht time..or wat?

It seems like relationships are getting shorter and shorter.. i think some ppl are just doing it for fun now. lol

Even celebrities are following this break up trend.. is breaking up the new BLACK?


~!ayo.am!~ said...

Girl people are truly strugglin out here

Anonymous said...

omgggg i believe in the 6 month curse now.!!
i didn't at first.
me && tashon are in our 9 month mark && it has been hard.!!
we've been thru almost everything you can think of.
i believe now && days it takes hard work, dedication, && prayer.!!
ppl just don't stay together like they used to in the old days && it's sad....

Tay said...

we live in a world now days that revolves around self. and when you are in a relationship its not about JUST YOU its about you and the other perosn. you have to consider how they feel over you if you guys are suppose to be in a serious commited relationship. everything is about "i" "me" and "myself" so thats why relationships break down. people do not want to put the work & effort into keeping someone because its an inconvience

♥Porscha said...

lol i wish i could get to 6 months in a relationship

i have a RELATIONSHIP curse siiigggh

Paige Mariah. said...

lol aww gurl i know the feeling! =(

Makaila said...

so true; my longest relationship was two months. Sad really =)
BTW: Love ur bloq; keep it up


Brittbreezy said...

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Katrina is a Princess said...

Thats awful...it's okay though, when you find the TRUE love of your life, there is no curse anymore! it's not the 6 month curse, its the 6 month realization!

When the time is right, he'll come and you will be SO happy and blessed cuz u deserve nothing but the best! your gorgeous!

Paige Mariah. said...

Katrina is a Princess- aww thank you so much, your comment really put a BIG smile on my face! =) =)