Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not "Black" Enough?

Ever since May 26, 1992 I've been a light skin African American.
I've never had a problem with it so why should other people hmm?

-I've never had a Baby Phat or Rocawear outfit..or worn any "urban" brand ever.

-I dont say "nigga" and have been known to not use any other vulgar language.

-I like hip hop and some rap... but I don't know the words to every latest rap song or the dances to go with them.

So.. does that mean i'm not black enough?
Hazel-greenish eyes, light skin, light brown hair and a unique personality that doesnt fit the average black persons (i doesnt change the race I am. Black people come in sooo many different and unique shades and I feel EVERY single one is beautiful.

I've learned to ignore peoples comments..."Paige you're not black so u dont know what we go through."... "Hey White Girl!" "You have to be adopted!" "You got MICRO BRAIDS? omg you look like a white girl trying to be black." "You havent seen the Jackson 5 movie??... you aint black! (lol yes i just heard tht one today!") At first the comments used to bother me... some still annoy me .. but i've learned to laugh them off because people just dont know what their talking about! Both of my parents are black... and even if one of them wasnt... so what! I dont want to be labeled as one type of person because of my race.. i'm Paige and i'm not like ANYONE else and I like it that way. Some people like to follow...I personally think leading is more fun.

So unless you are about 200 years old... and you were kidnapped from Africa and brought to America to be a slave... you need to keep your ignorant and pathetic comments to yourself.. and just STFU!!!!

Thank You for taking the time to read my rant! lmao.


K. Michel said...

Unfortunately, you're right about that Miss Paige. From the features you've described, a lot of Black Americans are going to give you a hard time. Especially the females (have you had trouble with fellow Black women?).

For what it's worth, it doesn't make you any less fly (because you are VERY fly)... or any less black. Haha, same difference.

Paige Mariah. said...

yeah its mostly with other black girls.. but thank you for your comment! <33