Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tragus Piercing!!!

yessss I finally got my tragus pierced!!! I've been begging my mom for months now to let me get it and at first she kept saying NO because it just seemed weird to her, she didnt understand it, it scared her lmao.. but i've always liked doing things tht are different and i just had to have itttt. It didnt really hurt, the man who pierced it was really nice even though he looked toughh with all those piercing and tattoos. My mommy and my best friend Kamille were about to faint but I was keeping calm lol and the whole time my mom kept saying you can change ur mind at any time, i dont mind going back home lmaoo! Im so glad i went through with it though!
I know a lot of people might not like it, some of my followers might not even like it! lol but I mean you are always gonna have negative comments...and even wen they unexpectedly come from those who are close to you.. you just gotta deal with them the same way... brush em off. I don't do things to impress people (though compliments are niceee =] ), I do them because I want to! Plus when someone doesnt like your outfit...or your hair...etc atleast you dont have to worry about them copying youuu lol!

I originally wanted a stud earring but the piercer said a hoop is better as a starter earring. It is less likely to get infected and easier to clean. Sooo as soon as its healed i'm gonna switch to a stud earring its just tooooo cute!! =)


whiteskinpoppin. said...

i have my tragus pierced. i've had mine for over a year now. mine didn't hurt at all, but then again i do have 13 piercings.

it looks really nice on you. i wanted to get mine to put a stud in it too. great minds think alike :) and i have a daimond stud in there now. good luck with it. just don' touch it, boo! it should heal quick.

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

I'm personally NOT into piercing after i had abelly button ring gone wrong...i prefer tats! BUUUUUUUUUUT!...It looks cute! lmao! As long as you like it... thats all that matters hun! :)

-Kelly of *AF*

Paige Mariah. said...

whiteskinpoppin.- thanks gurl! and i cant wait to get a diamond stud too its gonna b soo pretty!

Kelly Nina Kiyyah- thank youu! =) and true trueee.

avant-gardiste said...

Congrats girl it looks so cute!

ohemgeeitspaige said...

i have mine pierced too, i love it!

i live in detroit [land of the ignorant, lol], and people are always like, "uugghhhh, omg, why do you have THAT pierced?" lol. cuz i like it, duh. i'm not scared to be different. there's nothing wrong with it! it looks really cute on you! but be prepared: people are gonna always stare at it trying to figure out what the hell it is, especially old people, lol.

i got another ear piercing friday night. i have no idea what it's called ,lol, i've never even seen it before but i was at the shop with my friends getting their lips pierced & i saw the piercer had his pierced and i thought it looked so sweet! speaking of which, i need to post pics of it. i think next i want my rook or daith pierced, i think those are cool too.

Shy said...

that's so awesome!
my mom has hers pierced, and it's so freakin awesome, so i'm going to get mine done. i already have my industrial bar and like, 3 piercing in each ear, so it shouldn't hurt too bad!

can't wait to see the pics of the stud, i know it's gonna be bomb :)

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ButtKurst said...

The great thing about tragus earrings is you can wear lots of them at once if you want, and they are all pretty cheap and affordable.