Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Take a page from the book of PAIGE.

Hey bloggersss! I havent really made a blog telling you all whats going on with mee lately minus the 2 boy drama posts lmao.. so im gonna give you all a lil update on my life.. for the ppl who actually care lol.

- Summer league for volleyball started so I have 2 games every Monday and Wednesday. Everything is really unorganized and its frustrating. Our coach quit so now the JV coach stepped up to Varsity and I know he means well but...ugh. He was late as usual for our game on Monday like really late..and he had our we only had 4 players. We had to borrow 2 ppl from another embarrassinggg. but we ended up winning 1 of our games yayy. Ohh yeah and im playing a totally new position.. SETTER and for any of yall who kno about volleyball...its a very important position and im trying to get the hang of it for the sake of my team. = /

- My mother is on my back everyyyy singleeee dayyyy about college, scholarships, blah blah blah. I feel like i'm writing an essay everyday when I rather just enjoy my summer and relax. I guess she knows whats best for me but the yelling is getting really annoying.. all she ever tlks about is college.. i mean i wish 1 day we could just talk about the weather or something! ugh. I dont want to tlk about school everydayy.. its already hard enough knowing tht im not sure about my future career anymore which i've planned to do since i was 12.

-I've gone fashion crazyyyy lately. Every1 knows i'm already like obsessed with shopping and clothes and stuff but lately thts all i think abouttt. I've found some like really good fashion blogs recently and i love seeing how ppl put their outfits together and where they got each piece from... and im really interested in photography. so putting both together equals fashionnn photographyy. hmm could tht b in my future?

well thats all i'm going to tell you all for noww lol cuz if i keep going this post might turn into an essay (eww essays lol). Soo yeahh I also wanna thank everyone who has subscribed recently.. every time i look the number of followers i have keeps getting bigger and im lovinggg ittttt! lol Please continue to comment, I love reading what you all have to say and tell ur friends about me so they can follow too!

PS. Please cmnt telling me what topics you all want me to tlk about? What posts of mine you like best? Thanks!


Max Gibson said...

Hey Paige,

I think your blog is great. You do a great job of mixing contemporary culture with your life and thoughts.

Sorry to hear that the volleyball isn't going well. Embrace the setter position, maybe you'll grow to love it.

Going forth for the future, It'd be interesting to see you speak on pop culture more. Take the role of a social critic and touch on what news and topics are relevant to you. Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

Max Gibson

Paige Mariah. said...

thank you for your comment! and i will def use ur idea! <33

K. Michel said...

That's easy... I want to see you talk about me, babe.

Haha, but when your done talking about me... I would like to hear your take on interracial relationships, race relations... anything with race, really. I'd think your perspective would be a unique one.