Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

I didn't really watch the Michael Jackson Memorial because I caught it as it was about to go off but I watched another tribute special later tht showed clips of it. From what I saw it was really reallyyyy beautiful. I never really gave Michael Jackson tht much thought, I just knew I liked a couple of his songs and stuff... but I'm really sad that he had to go so soon. I know that he was loved around the worlddd and their will never be a greater entertainer. I just dont like how a lot of people who a couple weeks ago would have talked about him and laughed at him are going WAY overboard especially on facebook lol.. got him as their profile pic and every status ends with RIP MJ.. but whatever. I guess sometimes people become even more famous after they die huh?

and I jus had to add my favoriteee Michael Jackson song to complete this post. It just makes me want to get up and dance... well yeah it DOES make me get up and dance! lol

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RCaitlin said...

Ahh I know. You HAVE to dance when you hear an MJ song.