Sunday, March 21, 2010

over it.

i'm so ready to graduateeee.
the ppl at my high school are still in an 8th grade mindset.
i'm so over it all.

sitting in the desks waiting for the stupid bell to ring.
asking permission to go pee.
paying 2 dollars to wear my own freaking clothes on dress down days.
dealing with the phony and petty little girls.
coming home to listen to my parents yell constantly about nothingggg.

lets get this spring break thing over with...
then lets get this prom thing over with...
then this graduation thing over with...
i'm ready to hop on that plane.. and land in Hampton, Virginia.

i need a fresh start.

ps. i'm sorry i've been such a bad blogger lately. =(


aoki said...

I know how you feel. College is going to be so amazing..

..........Tay Caprice said...


Kayvona B said...

Kute outfit gurlie :)
And YES..I know exactly how you feel..I cant wait for graduation..only 11 more weeks to go!!!!

Stolid charisma said...

11 weeks to go?

I can die and come back and die and come back and win the lotto and kill somebody and watch them come back in that time..

Plus I heard you talking about this since maybe 11 weeks ago?

So you're missing living 22 weeks so you can have them 2 hours at graduation and 4 hours at prom? I think you should enjoy now to the fullest and stop being so anxious gals. I'm just saying..


Paige Mariah. said...

yesss. college can't come soon enough.

and ohh my favorite follower..Stolid Charisma. you obviously didnt read the post clearly.. its expressing about how ready i am to go to college. i'm not trying to rush to prom..i don't even have a dress lol. i'm just dealing with the stresses of being a senior thats almost out of high school but just not there yet.
-thanks for reading. =)

Stolid charisma said...

Lol.. nah, I was in your shoes about a handful of years ago. Me and my friends were so anxious we had the date memorised. So much so I remember the date till today.. June 15.

So I'm telling you from experience.

It even turned into a joke that there was a mysterious girl named June that was 15 years old that was all cute and shit. And we all had different stories about June everyday. Yeah.. shit talking.

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Brandi Alexandria said...

hey love the blog follow me please !

thanks girl.

aimes said...

--I miss college, and you will definitely have a blast!! Enjoy it-- it'll go by reeeallly fast! :)

...nice blog, btw!


Melanie! said...

I remember Stolid. lol

Guyana Media Critic said...

Heard that? I'm unforgettable..