Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perky Paige?

okay so in my last post I said yesterday I went to work with my mother.

So a couple minutes ago she told me had a conversation with one of the teachers she works with. It went like this:

Teacher Lady: Is your daughter quiet?
Mommy: Yes..
Teacher Lady: Oh oh, I thought so because it can come off unfriendly, but I just assumed she was quiet.
Mommy: Ohh yeah, she is a quiet girl. All her teachers say she needs to talk more. She has just always been quiet.

Hmmm.... okay. I don't take it THAT offensively because some people have told me they thought I would be a bitch when they first saw me. Still where does this lady come off saying some stuff like that?? I spoke to her and smiled just like I did all the other people. I dont know what it is but people always get the wrong impression of me when they first see me. I dont know if its cause I dont walk around with a fake smile stuck on my face or what? I don't knowww.. I just had to vent about that.


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