Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hectic day.

today was pretty dramaticcc.

1st i went to work with my mommy (who is a preschool teacher) which was funnn but hectic. Her kids are beyond wildd lmao.
-I cant tell you how many times I got asked where my son or daughter was and then I had to explain I'm only 16 and I dont have any kids.
-This 1 lil boyy kept sticking his middle finger up at this other little boy and then would look at me and laughh and i couldnt help but laugh too, it was funnyyy.
-Every1 was jumping on my lapp, hanging on me, not paying attention to my mom lol.
-Kids started crying because I didnt sit nxt to them at lunch, I felt baddd. = [
-One little girl asked me to come home with her haha and when I told her I couldnt she said pleasee i'll give you some candyy! haha too cute.
But they are sooo adorable, and it was funnn.

Then I got my ACT score today... yeah. thts all ima say about tht lol.

Noww... i'm trying to get my plans together for the weekend and its getting extra stupid and dramatic. Everything is falling apart and things are getting blown way out of proportion. I just wanna go downtown.. thats all. Now my brain hurts. Too much going on in one day.

- pg.


Mel said...

soo ii saww thesee littlee kidss todayyy anddd theyyy wereee soooo cuteee!!! lol


lol i do nottt type like thtt.