Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to business.

Well here I am sitting in class again... back to the old routine. Spring break was nice, can't complainnn. Just wish it could have been longer.. = [
My mom has been getting on me lately about slacking too much and spending all my time on the computerr.. She's rightt thoughh, the computer always somehow distracts me from doing what i'm supposed to do like hw and studyingg. Soo i'm def gonna b taking a little break from being on it so much when i'm at homee. The school year is almost over and I owe it to myself to do better. But anywayssss..

Shopping has sooo been on my mind lately. I just have NO money and my mother reminds me that everyday... its depressing lol. Isnt this jacket just too cute??
Yeahhh I love it! But also yesterday I was reading on some website and these ppl were posting like their favorite Taylor Swift songs. I lovee all types of music so the like 2 songs I heard by her I really liked.. But yesterdayy I searched the songs ppl said they loved by her and they were good! Her music is really relatable to me at this moment. Soo here are some songs that I recommend you check out!


1. Our Song

2. Forever && Always

3. Hey Stephan

4. Breathe

5.White Horse

6. Love Story

7. I'd Lie

8. Picture to Burn

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Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

I feel you about the computer, it's always attached to me lol I take breaks between studying and being online...but it doesn't always work out lol