Sunday, April 5, 2009

don't get burned.

Its almost like burning yourself with an iron ( I really did yesterday lol). You're minding your own business, without any clue of what is about to happen. You think everything is looking up, because you found your favorite shirt in the cleans clothes basket. You're ironing, getting all the wrinkles out, thinking everything is going fine..

Then out of nowhere that mothersucker burns you and you're like wtf ouchhh! and then you look down at your arm.. and it stings real bad, but you dont realize how bad it is because you cnt see anything yet. Then a little while later, you look again... and you have this ugly scar. It doesnt hurt anymore, but you still think about it and look down occasionally, remembering what happened and how it hurt.

Now you're kinda cautious to iron again... because that scar finally healed.. n you dont want to risk getting burnt again and ur just a little tired of ironing anyways. n you donttt want another scar..because scars arent very cute.. and everytime you look down at it. you have to remember how it burnt you... but you can't walk around wrinkled from now on, tht just wont do. its a new day, and another shirt really needs to be ironed. So what do you do? Suck it up and iron that other shirt.. or walk around guard up and wrinkled??...


Creativity93_LA said...

i got sum advice Dood...iron da next freakin shirt...duhhh! n learn how not 2 burn yoself genius! but dis is good yo! very deep

Allexandriia said...

You betta take out that next shirt
IRON that sucka AND look just as non-wrinkled as possible lol =]
i love it!!

theinfamousme said...

Ohh bff, You know we take out the next shirt, pants, skirts and iron all the wrinkles out, because we need wrinkle free lives. =]

shamma311 said...

i likeeee my Dood!