Friday, April 3, 2009


Today is April 3rd... and today is a very important day. No its not my 6 month anniversary anymore haha... but something that actually matters. Its the day before the biggest test of my life. THE ACT. Today is the day I'm going to cram my butt off and try to get as much more information into my head that is possible. I guess I feel kinda confident idk... I mean its some days that I really blew off studying and I feel bad. I still think that the ACT is just gonna test my actual thinking ability which studying wont even help. So I'm gonna say a prayer before the time starts and just go for it! I'm not really saying what score I'm hoping to get because I dont want to jinx anything. So yeahh... i'm gonna need to do some shopping after the test on saturday to calm my nerves. lmao.

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Melanie Denise said...

yayy good luck! score high!