Friday, September 11, 2009

Chris Brown=ANNOYING.

Chris Brown...ugh He made his little apology song, i liked it and I thought he was sincere. BUTTTT.. Lately he is just annoying me sooo much.

It all started when I watched his interview with Larry King.. he just made me mad lol. Like he just sounded dumb and like he didnt kno what he was saying.. he looked at his lawyer after like every question lol. He "accidentally" said he didnt remember what happened that night with Rihanna. I mean come onnnnn... then that same week I came across his official twitter. He shoulda just left that alonee!! I was on his page looking at his tweets and the first thing tht popped into my head was mannnn... this guy is one cocky, annoying, jerk! I know yall heard about him saying Wendy Williams looked like a man or sumthin like tht... i cnt wait to here her response i heard she's goingg hardd.

ugh shut up.

via @MechanicalDummy- LOVE SKINNY JEANS: not too skinny though. gotta let the kids old guys cant wear skinnies... u know why??? becuz they OLD
ohh good 1 Chris.

via @MechanicalDummy-is not cool to be a groupie and a hater. make ur mind up.lmao. it only makes u look 2yrs old
yeahh n you looked really grown up after you hit on my freaking idol.

those are just a few tht really made me shake my head at him... like celebrities get talked about everyday.. but do u really need to b on twitter constantly talking about the "haters" and commenting on everything said about u. Have some class. You ruined ur rep on ur should b sitting at home acting like an angel and the most humble person in the world.


it'sok2bu*nique* said...

feel you girl!

but i dont think im giving up on him...

Anonymous said...

lol thats funny. But I'm tired of hearing about Chris and Rihanna. Wish the world would move really. Then what had me BLOWN was the fact that it showed up on CNN. I was mad at that. It's so much else going on and it shows up on one of the biggest news channels in the world. OK. lets here something NEW plz.

T1me0ut said...

lol paige, you got a nice blog, been awhile since i seen it, its cool, follow my blog if you could lol, just made one,


Anonymous said...

i'm too grown to think bout chris brown. haha teasin he's so young minded. kayne and him act like they are the same age.

Bang Bang said...

LOL Chris Brown is grasping at straws. He should of kept his mouth shut and take the anger from everyone make a true sincere apology. then move the hell on SMH. Money talks and he has a lot of money

Amber said...

yes girl i feel you lmao he is a mess