Monday, September 14, 2009

VMAS 2009*

Sooo the VMAs last night was most def crazayyy but i loveddd it! thts MTV for ya. The performances were nice and the MJ tribute was ahhmazing. My only question is DO THE VMAs NOT HAVE STAGE SECURITY?? Can anyone just walk up there if they feel like it? I think i'll go nxt year and stage crash since its the new hottest thing to do! Here's my take on the whole shabanggg.

Blame it on the ah ah ah ah ahcohol. lmaoo Kanye had to b reallyy drunk off tht henny to have pulled some stuff like this.... wait actually Kanye has always been arrogant and rude so it prolly had nothing to do with it! lmao.. i had to post a fb stat about it last night:
Paige Mariah "beyonce's single ladies video had 2 girls and a tranny dancing around in plain black leotards with no type of background or special effects.. in black and white for 3 mins.. best video of all time kanye??! i love B, but i coulda made tht vid in my basement."
anyone agree?

Lil mama... smh. what would make you even think for a second tht this would b okay?

Favorite outfit of the night:

Yayy i love Whitney. Her fit was so simple yet so bomb. love itttt.

Favorite Performance of the night:

Lady Gaga is soooo coo coo but thts what makes her who she is. I respect her for being different. Plus Papparrazzi is my songgggg. go GAGA!

Last Notes(lol):

who knew tht Alicia Keys had such a cuteeeee brother?!! I wonder how old he is? lmao
Ugh i was mad Rihanna didnt show up the the VMAs but atleast she came to Jay's after party yayy!

there's so much more I could say about the awards but i think i'll leave it at tht. thanks for readinggg. leave comments! =)



Dilara said...

i love Whitney too and Kanye lol nothing to much say for him ^^

Thanks for sharing this pics :3

*stacie-ann said...

kanye & lil mama are the reasons why you can't take black people no where.

Anonymous said...

i saw that vid of kanye flipping out i was like omg :O,but he was drinking alot i thought it was gross,lol
but, i like your blog,it's very cute:D

* ! zodiac ! * said...

ok lil mama has been looking a mess lately...lady gaga is pure fire...and you are so right about beyonce's single ladies video, that's my song and all but that video is very basic