Monday, September 21, 2009


omg so i've been really busy lately. with school and issues lol. and now i hav to get ready for elections at school because...

I'm running for the Head of Prom Commitee!

I really hope I win.. I've been waiting for prom since I was a freshman lol and I want it to b the best prom ever. I'm good at planning and i'm really into fashion, style and decorating and all tht so I should b good for the position! =) but the only downfall is... what if I win and im the head of prom and all tht good stuff and I CANT FIND A DATE FOR PROM?? tht would b very very tragic. =( See a while ago I knew who my prom date was and I was set.. but now im screwed cuz i got screwed over haha.. but thts

It seems kinda early but these elections really have me thinking about prom. Plus you really need to start thinking about prom in like December or January. Soo in a couple months im gonna have to start looking for dresses.. wat color do you all think I should wear?? Short or long dress? Straight or poofy dress? Decisions...Decisions.


Amber said...

Make our prom bomb lol

Anonymous said...

i like long prom dresses. short ones for like spring dances. i don't know what's hip these days though. i went to senior prom with my sorors as dates

Justin said...

If you can't find a date just use Prom Date Depot

...or host some charity date auctions to fill some of your prom budget void.