Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm going on a trip!!

before i get to tht...I won head of prom committee! yayy. even though no 1 ran against me haha... actually no 1 ran against any1 because ppl didnt hav their stuff turned in so they got kicked out the election... so the president, vice pres and head of prom comittee won by default! lol but no1 tried to run against me from the beginnin..mayb they were intimidated lmao.

sooo i have big plans for this weekend... guess what it is!!!


lol...nvm cuz u guys def wont b able to guess because its so out of my character.

i'm going CAMPING!!! omg lol

this outside of school program i'm in called BAHA(black and hispanic achievers) is taking us camping in wisconsin for the kick off. hopefully its a lot of funnnn! but if theres no where for me to plug my flat iron its gonna b a prob! lol im gonna b stuck in the woods for a whole weekend. boo hoo =( i'm mad though because i broke my camera in target 1 night (dont ask) so im gonna hav to take pics on my phone ughhh. wish me luck!

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