Sunday, November 30, 2008

My dayyy.

its like almost 2 in the freakin mornin, and me and nicole r still up cuz we cant stop freakin laughin. gosh and i didnt even do my freakin hw. ughhhhh.

so i'm gonna tell u guyz about my day. me and nicole went downtown shopping 2 day... well yesterday. Our train was 31 freakin minutes late cuz it like caught on fire or some ish idk. so we get on the train and they put us in the car that had the electric probs and it smelled like it was gonna blow up in like 2 freakin seconds!!

soo yeah and it was this weird boy on the train that kept starin at us. but um yeah.
downtown was hectic, TOO MANY ppl with TOO MANY attitudes. pushing me, tryin 2 knock us down with their strollers. like seriously. the store isnt going anywhere.

my mother kept getting lost, and nicole kept getting hot and had to sit down. it was pretty stressful. ohh but i saw my big sis melanie in forever 21!

i got a lot of cute stuff tho and i got my uggs

but yeah my mom is sooo gonna kill me wen she finds out i didnt do my hw...

well yeahh! laterz!!


= ]

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