Monday, December 8, 2008


wow. i came from from my kairos retreat on friday and i loveddd it. It was such a great experience and i learned so much about myself and others. It showed me how rough other peoples lives are and i should b a lot more grateful of what i have. It gave me an even bigger appreciation for my parents. shout out to mommy and daddy! lol.

now that im back i have a lot of make up hw to do from missing 3 days of school. i gotta admit that im STRESSED. i think i can handle it though.. im not gonna giv up. I also have to take the ACT on saturday which scares the pop tarts outta me but yeahh.. im gonna make it tho. i'm paige delaney!! lmao..

having the most perfect, special, and awesomest boyfriend ever def helps tho. = ]


Allexandriia said...

lets go paige
you can do it!!!
dont give up

shamma311 said...

Its gon alright pink!
U kno if dont nobody feel u on dis
i DEF do cuz we're in the same boat.
But nuthin is 2 hard 2 handle