Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Evolution of pg.

So i'm sitting in Religion class eating cereal... lol my friend sells little individual containers every morning haha. im supporting her hustle! lmao anyways...

i'm just thinking and i'm about to be 17 years old in ONE week. I can still so clearly remember in my head being 14 saying omg I can't wait to turn 15!! Time goes by soooo fast. I can honestly say I have changed sooo much since freshman year. From appearance to the way I act. Freshman year I used to be this little shy girl with glasses who kept getting into so much drama and couldnt understand why lol. Then sophmore year I was the girl with bangs and braces who was just trying to figure everything out. Lol nowww.. idk i'm just the older and more mature Paige I guess. Its like I have evolved every year.. and I like that i'm able to do that. Each year I become a stronger and better me. I'm liking where things are going now.. starting to change the things up, being more of an individual, because being noticed for your unique style is nice =). 17 is gonna be a good year for me... I can feel it lol. I'm ready for the next change, for that 17 year old SENIOR Paige!!! lol



Melanie Denise! said...

hahaha i remember u used to wear alot of aeropostale
this is cute
aww my lil sis is growing up!!

Tuotierugif >^..^<© said...

That's what I love about getting older, you can look back and reflect and see how much you've grown ;)