Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She's just not that into you.

What do you do when your txt inbox starts getting filled with..

Whats Up
How are you doing?
How are you today?

etc... a bunch of unanswered msgs on your end because you are starting to dread having conversations with this person... so you ignore themm?

Idk how to give a person that big light bulb in their head, that big DING DONG, hellooooo she's just not interested anymore.. without straight up saying it but I don't wanna have to do tht..

I dont even know what it is but when a boy messes up or has too many issues, or just isnt IT... i'll just stop liking them... then when I stop liking a person... they become annoying, weird, almost REPULSIVE. Usually they catch the hint that i'm not feeling it.. but this one aint letting go without a fight. lol...



Melanie! said...

lol well stop responding...they'll take the hint after about a day or so...and everytime they ask where u were, say u were busy....and eventually they'll think ur too busy for them and will move on

Melanie! said...

and congrats on 50 followers lol
just about 120 more until u have as many as me! haha

Anonymous said...

i'm the same exact way!!! but sometimes u just gotta be blunt..