Monday, August 24, 2009

Cluttered thoughts.

I havent been blogging as much as I'd like to because... there has been sooo much on my mind!

-Getting a car
-Applying to colleges
-Choosing the right college for me


-Living on my own

I have so many thoughts in my head that its just hard to focus. The car thing is whats happening right now... i NEED a car like bad.. its a necessity for me right now.. BUT my dad and granny feel a child should get a car when they graduate from college. They dont understand that its 2009 and with out a car its like no way for me to get around.. its soo frustrating but lately i think I have been breaking my dad down. Still money is tight.. and my mom has to pay for it on her own.. so if she can afford to get me a car I would be soooo grateful. I just hope it doesnt cause a mess in the family...

The second thing is choosing the right college.. i have nooo idea where I want to go. At first my mom said I could only go to an Illinois college...but yesterday she finally said she would consider letting me go to Hampton!! I wanted to go there at first but she shut me down right away and now with the opportunity finally opened im still confused! Do i want to be that far from my family? Will I even like Virginia at all? Do I want to go to an HBCU or be at a more diverse school? This is like the first time that I just like have no idea what i'm going to do...

Thats all for nowww,


it'sok2bu*nique* said...

first you need to consider what you could possibly want to major in and then figure out what college is best for you within those guidelines

as far as the car situation...i am a senior in college and i still havent gotten a car and i must say i get around fairly well...this might be because i went to school in ohio and my hometown is houston, tx

trust me you will get through this stage...there is so many things ahead of you

Melanie! said...

HBCU!!!!!!!! yay

but Howard is better than Hampton.

Pia Lashay said...

Prom how exciting :)) OMG !!
But choosing the right college is way more importatnt, good lucky.. girly !!!

& i didnt even realize it was you!! I was all interested in the blog..I knew you looked fimilar & I thought you were maybe one of my cousins..LOL !!!

Shy said...

i totally get how you feel about the college thing! at first, i wanted to go to a really diverse college[winthrop in SC], but my best friend goes to hampton & she loves it! so i started looking there & at howard, & i think i want to go to both.

about the car thing, i was like that too. but i worked my butt off and bought my tiny baby car this summer. it's old and little but it's amazing for 800 bucks :D