Sunday, August 2, 2009

Six Flags!

Soo... I went to six flags yesterday and it was TRULY a struggle. I actually wrote like this extremely long two part blog about it but i decided not to post and just forget about it lol. It had some fun points... but its downfalls were RAIN...3rd WHEEL NESS... to hormone raging 14 year old lil boys who like "girls with pretty eyes" lmao...and just a bunch of other mess. What a day!


Anonymous said...

lol!! six flags .. in the rain? eesh!!... lol.. but the fashion girl on my blog is on this site.. had to go back and find it!

Anonymous said...

you should post it anyway.
but at least you had fun.

Paige Mariah. said...

haha withlove__starz i was actually found out about lookbook todayy and i saw her on theree. how ironicc lol =)

and ke'lsyemykia gurl...i like to spare ppls feelings lol!

KayBee said...

i love six flags
i've been to the one in chicago nd georgia
but amusement parks and rain???
not a good match lol
it rained wen i went to the one in georgia :(

Mista Jaycee said...

Cute Photos! Just happenned to stop by.