Thursday, August 27, 2009


ugh im sitting in religion class right now and im kinda frustrated.. i just got done with my power point presentation on my identity and i feel i did okay but ughh idk wat happens to me when im speaking in front of a class! I worked so hard on tht presentation and i get up there in front of the class and fall apartttt.

Im up there and its like i hav no control over my body.. my hands start shaking and its obvious because the paper im holding is shaking... my voice gets all high pitched and i miss words its just ugh. I'm not even really nervous when i'm up there but it just happens anyways wtf. Its like only when I talk in front of my peers tho. I've done many big speeches in front of big important adults and i've done fine... idk if its cuz i get up there and i know every1 is staring at me... idk. its just easier for me to talk in front of strangers i guess.

im just so mad cuz i kno every1 could tell i was freaking out up there! =(


Anonymous said...

awwww =( I do that too. But i have ridiculous stage fright. Funny thing about it I'm a Mass communications/journalism major lol such an oxymoron...
but you'll be fine..everyone gets like that sometimes

Melanie! said...

haha the same thing happens to me!! even with stupid when teachers make everyone stand up and introduce themselves ..i can barely even remember my name! it's my voice gets all shakey and i talk really fast lmao

Anonymous said...

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Nature Nut /JJ Loch said...

Aw, when you are nervous try saying, Angel, angel, angel, angel to yourself. That calms me down. :D

Great blog!!!