Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm not happy..

I'm not happy with my blog anymore...

Being that I get bored easily, i've become bored with my blog.
Sooo instead of just stopping it all together, because I like blogginggg.
I think I'm just gonna redo it... new look... new topics... just new everything idk.
To go along with the somewhat new me. =)

until then.. here are some random pics!

Keep following! =)


Stolid charisma said...

Paige.. stop trying to be cute.

Paige Mariah. said...

excuse me??? lol...

Stolid charisma said...

You're excused..

Um, when I first checked this out. I didn't see the pics.. gotta fuked up internet connection.

But anyway, when I say being cute.. I was referring to the text of this post. You're still in school so I guess the boys tolerate you talking all cute.. bla bla..

For me. Ugh..

Stolid charisma said...

Oh, I've finally gathered my thoughts..

A wopping 4 seconds after I published that last comment.

You speak like a woman that has guys eating out your hand. Don't do that.

Melanie! said...

LMAOO somebody is jealous!
how r u trying to b cute by talking about changing the look of your blog..wtf??

And if he doesn't like your blog, why does he keep coming back to read more posts??

Smh..ppl are crazyyyyyy these days lmao


Paige Mariah. said...

Okay I have no clue who you are.. so honestly your opinion means nothing to me... BUT it means even less because your comment makes zero sense.

How would you be able to conclude that by a post talking about redo-ing my blog.

you sound stupid. if you follow me... please unfollow NOW... because this blog is obviously not for you.

Thanks. =)

Kayvona B said...

Lol, OMG, WOW...someone has absolutly no life, I mean who comments ppls blogs like that?? Lames..smh

Stolid charisma said...

I never said I dislike this blog sensitive girl.. Just said, you talking like a haughty person in this post.

What's the matter with you? Settle down.

You're making me feel right.. i.e, you get compliments and you never had no one question you like I did.

Now I see where this Melani dumbo came from.

I'll point out what you said that I consider you playing you cute:

"Being that I get bored easily.."

"'Soo' instead of just stopping it all together, because I like 'bloggingggggg.'"

In fact.. pretty much the whole thing, you talking all cute n shit.

Look, I ain't trying to offend you.

But you talking like you're on a date with some guy that likes you that trying to get you. And you're flattered and feeling all confident about your self and you think anything you do will make you more cute.'

You know.. reading this was like reading the popular girl's tweets or facebook status messages. It's just full of self..

Lol.. it's like I'm accross the table and you saying.

"Mannn.. I get bored of this hair style. You think I should change it? You know what.. I'll just pull it back in one tomorrow cause my sister like.. ugh. Hold, I'm getting a call."


Take it easy man. I'm following your blog cause I like it.

Paige Mariah. said...

okay i'm not going to waste my time typing an extremely long comment back to you.

your comments are VERY sterotypical. you cant determine what type of person I am by the way that I type. If I sat here typing in perfect punctuation, capital letters, periods, etc. Would you say "You're typing like someone who thinks they are smarter than everyone else?"

You obviously seem like a person who was mistreated by the "popular crowd" maybe in your younger days? hmm idk.. but your bitterness is very evident and I honestly feel sorry for you. Like I said you are not obligated to read this blog and I'm not changing the way I type for you... so move alonggggggggggggggg. That was just for you! =) Bye bye.

Melanie! said...




Stolid charisma said...

Yeah.. wow..

You're right.. I was being stereotypical.

You started your responce so well.. then in your second paragraph you lost track of why your response was good.

In your second paragraph it's almost as if you thought it was a good idea to hurt me now.. Nah, I ain't hurt.

Baby girl.. I think you're being stereotypical too. Mistreated by the cool crowd? Lmao..

Yo, I had to seperate myself from those people after I was awear of how smug they were. So I kinda have an eye for this kinda thing..

Maybe I'm right, maybe I'm wrong about you. We both can agree none of us perfect in the first place.

..you're wrong about me btw. Just thought I should mention that.

But I see.. well, I think you see what I was trying to say. And I see what you're trying to say. But we both disagree with each other. So lets agree to disagree..

What's all the move alongggggg shit about? Uncalled for. Nah.. I cuss people that be typing all perfect. Well, if I know it's a front.

When you say move alongggg you making me feel right again. I can only see you saying move alongggg like you think you got your goons of girls standing behing you in your mall laughing at every insult you throw.

For a big banna I just see right through that shit.

Melani .. suck my balls.


That's for you to read and be irritated Melani. Lol.

Melanie! said...

LMAO...first off, learn how to spell my name before addressing any of your nonsense to me.

Second of all, you're a weirdo. Don't you have anything else to do besides try to tlk about what SOMEONE ELSE is saying in THEIR blog.

WTF are u tlking about in all of your blog posts?

Are u lonely? Do you need a friend???

Stolid charisma said...

Oh good God.

Kayvona B said...


Stolid charisma said YOUR blog>>>

"It's just full of self.."

Am I missing something or IS THIS PAIGE MARIAH'S BLOG???

Smh...IDK someone has some personal problems and is taking it out on others

Paige gurl keep doing what your doin, if you talk "cute" aint nothing wrong with that and like we all know, this is your blog so you can talk/type how ever you want lol. I think he's just mad cause he cant talk "cute" lol lamo

But seriously that's weird, since when did cute become a way to talk?? I mean looking cute while talking as in wearin some super cute clothes and a cute hair style but actually talking cute?? Idk I guess

I think we have a Cyberbully on hand LOL

Yea, that's def a weirdo LOL

Paige Mariah. said...

Thanks Kayvona! lol i guess i didnt get the memo that my own blog couldnt be about myself! Its whatever though, i'm gonna continue doing what im doing... because its obviously getting attention! =)

Kayvona B said...