Sunday, January 3, 2010

New year; better me.

goals for 2010:

- get something else pierced.
- start partying...hard. =)
- not holding back my feelings.. unless its necessary.
- start hanging with new ppl, open up my friend circle.
- shop till i drop.. (nothing new lol).
- drive farther than like 10 min away from home gosh.. gonna have to convince moms for this 1 lol.
- try a new food. sushi maybe? uhhh.
- meet a celebrity. rihanna rihanna rihanna.
- focus on my own inner happiness.
- try to stop thinking about love so much... (okay lying lol..atleast until i find it.)
- live better.. excercise more..all tht good stuff.
- have a bomb ass time before college!! prom.. 18th bday.. graduation. what could b more fun??

hmm thts all i can think of for now. hopefully i accomplish all of these things. =)


Stolid charisma said...

Do you know what that piece sign over your eye means?

Paige Mariah. said...

well its not supposed to mean anything.. i was just being silly.. doing a stupid dance move. but go ahead.. enlighten me.

Stolid charisma said...

google vigilant citizen..

Read and be enlightened.