Thursday, January 28, 2010


i can't believe i'm already well into the 2nd semester of my senior year...

everything is just going by soo fast. i feel like i never have any time. the time to even breathe. i'm so consumed by all the club meetings, homework, scholarship essays...

i'm the head of prom committee.. yet i don't have any time to even look for my own dress.
i have 3 papers i need to write TONIGHT. but i have to b at school at 7 for a mandatory prom meeting.

i get home.. and feel so tired that I don't finish all my work and i just sit there repeating over and over in my head.. im gonna start in 5 min.. okay in 30min..ugh i'll just wait till tomorrow. which builds up more and more makeup work... oh yeah i still have to make up that quiz from last week. great.

i had to b a leader on a retreat last week and missed a few days of school, and yay me i get to do it all again next week. which means 4 days of work and quizzes i have to make up.

i keep getting into these near accidents.. because ppl keep trying to hit me.. or the ice sneaks up on me. driving is scary. i almost hit a cat the other day. i hate cats.. but i would have still been sad.

boys are....well lets just save that for another post.

the clock is tickingg.. i keep running out of minutes. i hope i can catch up.. before i lose myself.

despite this senioritis. i'm happy. =) i rank in the top 10 of my class.. i'm accepted to my top choice school which i cant WAIT to go to.. i'm having a funn year. but i'm just over highschool.

the end.


Anonymous said...

oh joy...and it only gets don't lose your head just yet. Because all that you're doing now is preparing you for what lies

Kayvona B said...

I def can relate to this post, man I just cant wait for this whole high school thang to be over with, it's gettin so old, lol

Crystal=) said...

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