Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Soooooo, I know I know. I haven't made a post in a few....years! I kind of left this blog behind when I began blogging for Seventeen Magazine my freshman year of college. I'm now currently blogging for CollegeFashionista.com and have been doing so since my sophomore year. Even though I had so much fun blogging through out high school, when I got to college blogging became more like a job and way less leisurely. To sum this all up, I hope any of my followers that are still around are doing well! I finally have decided to start blogging for me again. If you're interested in catching up with me, check out my fashion diary, http://asideofstyle.blogspot.com/! I hope to grow to love this blog just as much as I did this one. Check it out and comment if you're still out there in the blogger world!



James Pharris said...

Hip hop loves you back.
Check out www.BiggaFiggaMedia.blogspot.com

Ms. King said...

Still here girly! Alot of people have left there blogs behind, but eventually they come back. Keep it up!

M I N G said...

I used to follow your blog so long ago! I don't know what happened but I'm glad I found it again. <333