Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello Marchhh!

heyylooo. i need to quit slackinggg like 4 realll. before i get so far in the hole, tht i cnt climb out. =O

- this weekend was bombbb. went to the babes game on friday ( he did soo good! ), movie nite at my house on sat wit the homiess && chilled wit my love again on sunday.
-chris and ri back onnnn. i love themm, and its their business. so let them do them.

- midwest teen summit(sp?) on the 13th-15th in Minnesota! Mall of America here i comeee. speaking of the mall. im so ready to shopp. spring clothes are so cute and im alreadi gettin my list readi. i need a jobbb. ugh.

- spirit week should b fun this year. we have 80s day and cartoon day this timeee. i need to get my outfits together lol.

but yeahh thts all i gotta say for nowww. ima prolly blog more soon. i hope. = ]

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